Who will win Superbowl 2012?


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I have not a clue on how to do sports astrology, but am wondering if anyone on this forum has already started doing their analysis and has picked a winner.


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No, I have not but am thinking Niners an Patriots. Just a wild guess really and not sure who will make the game day, but had felt early in the season tat the Niners would go all the way and win.


I haven't looked at a chart ~ but i see that green bay lost it's mojo ~ the fan favorite choked. jupiter turned his back on GB today. All the "missed opportunities", unheeded saturn lessons ~ when in doubt, refer to the basics. Green Bay got muddled by Uranus' "wait! this wasn't s'posed to happen" to mental/psych dissolution. Chiron at its worst best.
Low cardinal cap getting hit good and bad by jup~uranus' sucker punches.


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i think that this year the ravens will finally get passed the steelers in the playoffs and vs either the eagles or the saints,, if it is the eagles i think they will have a hard time winning but still a chance and if its the saints i think they could take it


The winner of the SB is going to be whomever is friendliest with Uranus in Aries ~ who is raw gu.ption with no attachment to outcome.
Game will be survival of the fittest, in yhe stepan bonnar/forrest griffin tradition.
Both teams standing.
San Fran is a class act and alex smith has been schooled, learned lessons and is hungry and the team is likely the strongest in unity. one for all - all for one, down to coach. New york - saturn all the right plays will do well, but mercury golden boy eli will make wrong choices ~ backlash of aaron becase he will forget he's part of a team.
I,m rootin' for SF's lovin' style all the way.


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looked at the natal charts for both coaches and qb's, against a possible end of game chart, but i could not definitely pick a winner as all of the charts looked pretty good.
tom brady getting T NO TRN N SU, SXT N PL, OPP N MA
eli manning getting T UR SXT N MA and T NO TRN N NO and maybe T NO CON N MO.

i have a slight lean to the patriots and i am certain that brady will play much better in this game than his last one.

i would not bet the under 55 total points prop, but a slight lean to the over.


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The two teams are playing on a neutral field at the Lucas Oil Dome in Indianapolis but, officially, the Patriots are designed as the home team and the Giants as the road team.
The Giants have announced via Twitter that they'll be wearing their white road jerseys in the game, so they are represent with ASC ruler Sun in event chart. The Patriots will wear their blue uniforms so they are represent with DSC ruler Saturn.
If kickoff would be not before 6:30 EST, we see Saturn ruler of Patriots is at last degree (sign of misfortune) and moreover stationary. I think stacionary planet is not good for finall sport event, in other words, Patriots have no chance. If we look for Moon's aspect within 5 degrees there is none. With Sun's antiscion (13 SCo26) right on IC and part of Victory (15Ta53) right on MC in my opinion ASC team, Giants will win.


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The scheduled starting time is 6:30 EST, so it should start at about 6:35.
Actual starting times are available on the NFL site, but they're a pain to get to.



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my best guess is that this game will start no sooner than 6:40 EST, based on the trends i have noticed for the start times of other playoff games, and it may be closer to 6:45 because they always have small delays based on clearing the field of all the pregame ceremonies.
also expect the extra long halftime show of 25 minutes or so.
also expect this game to go long because both teams like to pass the ball and are likely to score a lot of points.
my best guess is that this game will end no sooner than 10:15 EST and may be closer to 10:30, excluding overtime play.

no strong opinion from me in picking a winner so far, as this one may be too close to call.
i will not be betting against tom brady, for sure.


It's hard to said that which team will win the Superbowl 2012 championship. THere are so many contenders are favorite for winning this competition. But i will go for New York Giants and New England Patriots. They are favorite for win the title.


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I wanted the Patriots to win, but it doesn't look like it will happen. I'm going to keep it simple. During the closing of the game Virgo is AC ruler. Merc is combust and too close to the Sun. Although a couple of you used 'team colors' I used the fav as the AC ruler. The Pats are the 3 point fav in the game. To me.... Patriots are the losers in this game. I hope that I am wrong or over looked something. We will see. Enjoy.
V/r LionKing


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hey king,
great hearing from you! my end of game chart shows T UR OPP N AC, but of course, that's a guesstimate. this would point to a surprise ending of some sort and so that makes it hard to pick a winner. hoping for an exciting and high scoring game and i will project the pats 30 - 27 winners, putting this game over the very high vegas total prop of 55.


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I usually do some sort of prediction fro the game every year, but I haven't bothered really this year because a) I haven't had a spare moment, and 2) I really dislike both teams.


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To look at the planets Venus in Pisces, Jupiter in Aries entering Taurus and the moon in Gemini/Cancer tonight: I have projected the Jupiterian Giants (named for the Roman God, a.k.a. Greek God Zeus, a Titan and god of luck, fortune and success) will win due to approaching the moon (the grand prize) about 20 degrees "ahead" of the Venusian Patriots (their logo has a star) while that planet rules Taurus find themselves on the losing side.


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My heart's really not in it this year. Home team/favorite wins, I guess.

Of course, it's hard to figure out the significators. When I do baseball, it's easy. Home team is both 4th and 7th houses, visitor 1st House.

Since the Super Bowl is played on (usually) a neutral site, one can't really pick a home team. Since Indianapolis is an AFC stadium and it is an even-numbered game, so you could say the Patriots are the home team.

However, in these sorts of charts, I tend to go with the holder of the trophy. Since the Packers aren't returning to the Super Bowl, the "holder" would devolve to the NFC representative.

The home team's Domicile rulers have more dignity that the visiting team's, and reception favors the home team also. Turnovers could be the key to victory or defeat (due to the Peregrine retrograde Mars in the 2nd house of Possessions), and the crowd could be VERY involved because of the Moon's strength.

Since the preponderance of evidence point to the Patriots as the home team they should win.

But that doesn't mean I have to like either team winning.