Who wants a chart reading?


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I have been doing a lot of philosophical examination in Astrology - Now I need to put it into practice.

Would you allow me to read your chart, as well as practice some techniques?

I will use the Sidereal Zodiac, but I will interpret the signs with a more philosophically consistent system than those of most other practitioners - or - at least that is what in a restricted sense something I am driven to achieve. I will also be seeing the Tropical chart in case what I said in Sidereal seems like nonsense to you. In this way I kill two birds with one stone: Test two Zodiacs + Test my philosophy of Sidereal Astrology.

It is of course free. I just need actual practice.

Simply give me date, time, and place of birth - I hope you and I get something out of this. I can do it through PM, though if there is not much shyness - Skype could be best. -Thanks if you do accept my offer-

[Note: Warning - The OP could stop reading charts at any time and is not under any obligation to complete your chart. Since most times these "one astrologer reading your chart" threads quickly fill up with many pages of requests, you might be better off making your own chart request in a separate thread that you can monitor and give personal feedback to. - Moderator]
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There are already many volunteers as I can see but if you have time, I am another one :p ! :joyful:
04/09/1988, 13:50 pm, (Athens, Greece)


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You can practice on my & my hubby's data as well.

DOB - 4th Oct 1980, 5:35 AM IST
Place - Meerut UP India

My hubby's -

DOB - 14th Oct 1977, 12:18 pm IST
Place - Moradabad, UP, India



Thank you, that would be very interesting
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Hello AstroNous,

I know it's almost been half a year since you've made this thread, but I can help you.I'm curious to learn too. Are you still doing these?


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I will continue with this, and with time I will deal with everyone here, unless rate of growth it's more than rate of correspondence in the long term... But, the point is that it won't be instantly. So, I suggest everyone to have patience, for I will try to deal with everyone here.

Don't expect a hyperprofessional reading, but you may expect some good things out of this based on experience with the first ones who replied to this thread (through the thread or PM).