Who is Northstar


My name is Northstar. I have being doing readings for something like 30 years now. I enjoy answering questions and helping newcomers to Astrology to learn. I hope if someone does learn from what I know about Astrology they will past it on. so Astrology is not forgotten about in our new world of technology.
Something for the new students to the study of Astrology, Astrology not just something to learn for today, but a passion for life.

Like all new members to this community my chart reads like this:
Sun in Virgo in 4th in a conjunction with 4th house cusp
Moon in Virgo in 3rd in a conjunction with 4th house cusp
Cancer rising

Looking to the Past to see the Future
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Welcome!! Nice to have you here.
Astrology is my great passion, and I'm learning something new everyday. I am a student of astrology and I'm glad to see more experienced astrologers here!


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Oh hi Northstar. I just came back around after not caring about this forum for a little while and noticed "Who is Northstar?" I chose the name "Northstar10". Maybe you'll take my place as captain of the Polaris, the north star, the center of the universe in the schematics of universal navigation! Northstar's a good name. I came back just to browse around again. I was going to put up a sticky post about horoscopes that I've been meaning to do, yet discovered that I myself don't care enough about horoscopes to do it. Maybe I'll do that later. Oh, okay I'll do it now before I nevermind it completely. Welcome to the astro-boards! May the skies fare you lightly, star traveler.