Who is he chatting with?


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My boyfriend is very busy with his work and we hardly text during the day. He is calling me less and less because of too tired. But he tells me he loves me. I respect that he is busy with work so no time to talk with me but lately I see him on messenger a lot during the day and at night. I know he does interact with some business partners there but I want to know who is he talking with so I did this chart.
I am moon in 12th house in gemini (ruled by mercury), so I am trying to dig out the secret about who he is chatting with. He is Saturn in his domicile in his 2nd house. Saturn is very close to sun (is that his co-significator or another person). Also venus in his first house. Is venus another lady? Neptune is placed in his 3rd which indicates my question of who he is chatting with. Sorry I am very confused and my knowledge in horary is very limited. Would appreciate if some one could shred some light. Thanks.

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