Who here considers Uranus a difficult/malefic planet?

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Would anyone agree that Uranus is connected to the crown chakra? And when your energies are lifted up into that chakra, you're more connected to the universe, but pretty much disconnected from everyday, mundane life.


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Uranus is in general MALEFIC. It favors otherworldly, eccentric and unusual activities.

Acting +vely (rarely), it can make genius. Look for good aspect from Jupiter or Venus. Makes good Astrologer, Inventor, Professor, Teacher, etc.

In general, it does not give material success. Most of the people under influence of this planet don't make money they deserve. Strong Uranians probably make 10-20% of their talent. With the same talent, a Jupiterian will be making 200-500% easily.

Very interesting point of view. I have uranus, venus and moon all conjunct though I wouldn't consider myself 'uranian' though it definitely has a huge influence on me and has both made and broken me. I also am extremely sexual with uranus in the 8th but Saturn being very strong in the 8th with it has made me extremely functional and sort of suppresses a lot of my 'uranian' things from getting expressed. probably a good thing but makes me frustrated at the same time. There must be a balance in all things.
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retinoid, with your Uranus-moon-Venus conjunction, I suggest you think about empowering combinations that draw upon these planets' energies. It might be something like listening to futuristic music or creating computer-generated abstract art. Also, did you experience your mother as highly unpredictable? Perhaps even mentally unstable? This could get scary for a little kid, and carry over into your adult life as the conviction that Uranian unpredictability is bad.

This conjunction has made me see things very abstractly. And I love trance music. Everything about life is different. I don't like the influence.

My mother was not extremely unpredictable but she was very selfish (cared a lot about what was going on in her life), she changed how she acted towards who she was dating (venus+moon are in the end of the 7th though uranus is in the 8th) and she was very accepting towards whatever I wanted to do (which were very strange things through my life). She bought me alcohol when I was 14 and drugs. And as I said, she was very accepting when I was a vegan, said I might be 'bisexual' and used to take me to the ocean for me to give offerings. How many moms would do that? But again, her selfishness and her emotional absence has caused friction! Oh and there we NEVER any boundaries. I could stay home from school, stay out late, etc. She also never had money. My dad always had a lot of money which is why I was never in any want (and his mother as well). But if I had to depend on my mom we would have been on welfare. This was with my dad giving her 40K a year she still managed to get into insurmountable debt.
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I tend to think alike. Planets (aside from what they represent) are just that, planets. They are neither "good" or "bad". What may be regarded as "beneficial" "malefic" is the way people handle/use their energy.

The fact is planets in general are good and bad like everything. Jupiter is the great benefic, but it can make you have no plan for the future and you can be far behind someone who has a strong saturn and may have planned for the future and was responsible.

The aspects and placements of the sign color the planet in how it will act. Mars can give drive and energy but also cause destruction, violence and mayhem. Venus can cause love and luxury but also self indulgence and health problems.

Neptune, Uranus and Pluto are all planets that I don't think we understand a whole lot of yet. They have good and bad, but also aren't very 'functional' on the mundane plane. Neptune causes inspiration and imagination, but also delusion and detachment. Uranus is intuitive and far thinking but can also cause eccentricity and madness. Pluto can cause transformation but also painful crises. The newer planets are less 'worldly' so therefore I think their influences are harder to incorporate.


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retinoid, thanks for sharing about your mom. Since the moon symbolizes one's mother and planets conjunct it can modify how you experience her, perhaps your mother exhibited more of Uranus's unconventional side than its disruptive proclivities.

I also agree that Jupiter can have a down side. I think it creates "softer" squares or oppositions than Uranus does. But it can be the energy, in a square, of "if a little is good, a lot is better;" which ain't necessarily so. Also, I think Jupiter retrograde in the 2nd house can indicate money troubles (optimistic over-spending) unless other factors compensate for it.

Some Uranian aphorisms:

"You shall know the truth and and truth shall set you free." (John 8:32) "But before it does that, it's gonna p*** you off." [anonymous]

"Live free or die." (State motto of New Hampshire)

"Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course other may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death."
[Patrick Henry, one of the founding founders of the US republic. Ironically, as a Virginian, Henry was a slave-owner. Oh, well. Nobody said Uranus was consistent.]

"I did it my way." ["My Way" song popularized by Frank Sinatra]

"Better dead than a slave." [Friesian motto]

"Heads up!"


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Also, I think Jupiter retrograde in the 2nd house can indicate money troubles (optimistic over-spending) unless other factors compensate for it.

I don't spend more than I have ever. I have Saturn in Capricorn exactly opposite Jupiter though so I have balance there in the 8th. Ironically, I have benefited from other people's money through my life rather than making my own.
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Also, I think Jupiter retrograde in the 2nd house can indicate money troubles (optimistic over-spending) unless other factors compensate for it.

Not to get too off track, beacause I know we are talking about Uranus...

I have Jupiter retrograde in the 2nd (in Aries), and have never been a spender - at all! Quite the opposite; I am always saving for a rainy day. I never spend more than I have, and I really dislike credit cards and loans.

It does oppose Moon-Pluto-Venus in the 8th in Libra though...perhaps this helps balance it out, or helps compensate for it????:unsure:


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I have Uranus (in Cancer) in my 11th natal house, and it is the most elevated planet in my natal chart; Uranus has been a very important factor in the rather unusual life I have led (60 years), and looking back I cannot say that the Uranian influence has been malefic, but unusual, yes, out of the ordinary, definitely so, innovative, quite true...

As usual, I agree! Though 30 years apart, I have found that while Uranus has brought disruption it has also been my single favorite part of my chart and personality. I love that desire to do just the opposite of what's expected, just because. I suppose that having a strong Saturn and Capricorn Sun/Mercury helps keep these impulses in check, but still inside there is a little rebel giving everyone the bird just because. I feel like I walk around with a secret weapon/knowledge that if others understood they'd also be walking around with Cheshire cat grins. I don't know quite how to put it into words other than to say that I love Uranus and the opportunities it brings.

Also as a side note, I have a heavily afflicted Mercuy, so maybe having its higher octave so free and overiding in my chart is why I love it so much. :biggrin:

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Would anyone agree that Uranus is connected to the crown chakra? And when your energies are lifted up into that chakra, you're more connected to the universe, but pretty much disconnected from everyday, mundane life.

In some esoteric schools of thought, Neptune and Uranus have been connected with the Crown chakra (others have connected Neptune with the Crown and Uranus with the Brow chakra) I cannot say that I accept these connections, although I certainly can see some good reasons why these hypothetical connections/affinities MIGHT be valid.


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I have seen this in some books ie links between signs and planets and the corresponding charkra's. it seems a bit limiting.

however - I can see why uranian types would have a strong link to the brow chakra. As these people are so high wired. They often connect with the masses - and find big crowds difficult because of that.(particularly if they are not earthy types) depends on where uranus is in the chart and how it is aspected.

the crown though - everyone has this link.Indeed same with brow but perhaps a uranian would use it in a certain way. Again everyone has uranus but for some it is less dominant so a latent skill.


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My father's sun sign is Aquarius (Uranus ruled) and his Virgo rising with Uranus in the first house. He said yes he agrees with uranus being difficult.


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My father's sun sign is Aquarius (Uranus ruled) and his Virgo rising with Uranus in the first house. He said yes he agrees with uranus being difficult.

Personally I use traditional rulers (scorpio/mars, aquarius/saturn, pisces/jupiter). But having Uranus in the first doesn't necessarily make things difficult. Uranus aspecting an important planet can though (imo). It makes things more difficult MUNDANELY but perhaps not so spiritually.


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I really like my sextiles from Uranus (Libra in 7th) to Moon/Mercury/Jupiter (Sag in 9th). This makes me very original in my thinking and gives me very different tastes (fashion, music, arts). I also like to rub people the wrong way when they get carried away with their own greatness.

The downside is that Uranus is in the 7th house and also squares my Venus so my relationships (all types) can be very unpredictable and I feel smothered by others very easily if not given the space and freedom I require.

However, I love individuals with a strong Uranian/Aquarian energy and I must say that Uranus transits have always been very good to me even the hard ones :cool:


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I agree with Bina. Uranus is also about personal liberation, serendipity, the charm of the unexpected, and not buying into the old trope that "we've always done it this way."

The cure for viewing Uranus unfavourably is to deliberately incorporate more personal liberation and out-of-character events into your life. These might be little things, like just taking different routes home from work, trying foods you've never tasted before, putting yourself in unfamiliar situations.

I agree with this as well.

I think I have always viewed Uranus as mostly positive partly because I recognise similar traits in me that want to get out more and so I admire a lot of the traits Uranus exemplifies because I wish to be more like it.

I have Sun, Mercury and Venus in conjunction to Uranus and feel it strongly but it has a hard time coming out. I have never known if these aspects are generally positive or negative. To me they are neither necessarily. I think my capricorn/saturn aspects make it harder for my Uranian traits to break free.

I think whether Uranus is positive or negative would depend on how the person feels and uses the energy. If they feel it is something bad in themselves or shameful, then they might create negative situations. Or if it is a strong force that is not integrated well with the rest of the chart/personality. (I imagine someone who has a lot of cancer or capricorn traits for instance and is known for stability but maybe they have a contradictory streak that makes them want to act out and go wild now and then.) There are ways to go about having fun and doing this unexpected or wild in a safe or positive way, and then there are ways that can be destructive and harmful either to that person or even others. For instance, if in a relationship the person suddenly leaves for several days w/o telling their partner.

So maybe it partly depends on how Uranus "meshes" with the other planets and signs and how the person views it and their place in society. (Is it important to them to always go with status quo and not upset things, or are they comfortable bucking trends? ect)

Also, I find it so easy when in a rut and not sure how to feel happy to just do ANYTHING out of the ordinary. One day I decided to take a long walk and get lost (since I am in a new country)and I basically wandered and tried to figure my way back based on what I knew of the surrounds/street names. It was fun, albeit a tame way to get your kicks haha

But trying new foods or trying a new activity or even, for a woman, wearing makeup very different from your normal can be invigorating too. I know so many women who look the same every single day for years and I don't know how they can do that every day!
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I think Uranus has been pretty prominent all my life. It is in my 1st house and I have Uranus trine Sun, Mercury and Mars, Uranus sextile Jupiter, Uranus square MC and some minor aspects here and there.

My life always has ups and downs but I don't think it's only because of Uranus influence. I am 99,9% sure Saturn is a big responsible too.


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I wouldn't consider Uranus as malefic. Yes, "he" is impulsive, he likes to shock but on the other hand stagnation is a bad thing, sometimes it's necessary to break the rules:whistling:


Malefic is a traditional concept, right?
Things that bring hardship and doom-gloom.
Uranus is electric, shakes things up, but seldom (if it all) leaves one feeling depressed or hopeless or caged.
So, I would offer a BIG FAT "no."


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I consider Uranus of the nature of Mercury combined with Mars, and capable (like all planets) of both malefic and benefic qualities.
With my Mercury/Mars model, I regard Uranus dignfied in the domiciles of those 2 planets (Aries, Gemin, Virgo and Scorpio), and detrimented in the same signs as they are detrimented in (Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius, Pisces); however, I do not go so far as attempting to assign exaltation of Fall to Uranus (nor to the other outer planets)

Good food for thought. The Mercury/Mars synthesis strikes me as a useful model that I've seen mentioned elsewhere. The "higher octave of Mercury" idea also has some credibility: I've always felt that Uranus plays the "scientist" to Mercury's "technician." Since Virgo and Scorpio (along with Aquarius) have been described as "scientific" signs, Uranus would be comfortable there as well. Not quite sure about Aries; the abruptness is certainly there, but Mars seems to want to use a blunt instrument where Uranus favors a more surgical tool like a scalpel. Still, nothing else about Aries would be an obstruction to the Uranian impulse.

Thing about Uranus is, it's so very impersonal and therefore can seem entirely malefic: what you may want doesn't really enter into its action, although it usually gets to the core of what you need (even if you don't know it yet). With my new-found fascination with traditional astrology, I don't assign exaltation or fall to the outer planets either, and I only go as far as secondary co-rulership for the signs. I'm not ready to toss them out, but I try to keep their relative "newness" in perspective.

Another thing to consider is that it's no accident that Uranus and Saturn are situated at opposite ends of a the spectrum: Saturn wants to preserve the status quo and Uranus wants to tear it down. They both reach their transiting squares and oppositions at roughly 7-year multiples, with ages 21, 42, 63 and 84 being potential "double-whammy" years (thank you, Stephen Arroyo, for that expression), depending on whether they were in signs of short or long ascension at birth. Just when you think you have a handle on Saturn, Uranus changes the game.


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I've come to think that Uranus has an overwhelmingly negative influence. I'm sure he has important lessons for the collective, but in terms of individuals, I think his unpredictability makes his transits more anxiety-provoking than Saturn's.