Which signifactor represents someone doing spiritual attack work?


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Hello everyone. I have a question to ask and need to know which house/signifactor I need to look for. I’m trying to find out if a family member is trying to spiritually attack my husband. That family being my mother.
Which house or signifactor would represent that (spiritual attacks)


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Traditional astrology doesn't have a concept of spiritual attack, exactly, but traditionally, what we think of as spiritual attack would be categorized as witchcraft. Black magic, secretly undermining someone, would be twelfth house.

If the person you suspect is being attacked is not yourself, then their attacker, if one exists, would be represented by the turned twelfth house. If this is your husband you're talking about, and you cast the horary chart, he is represented by the seventh house of the horary chart. His secret or psychic attacker would be the sixth house, because that's twelfth from the seventh.

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From what I have studied, yes the 12th house; sometimes the 8th house might be indicated, but most older sources usually indicate the 12th.


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Lilly doesn't use a specific house but rather a series of indications. If the querent is indeed bewitched, then the type of planet harming the asc lord is representative of the witch.

Traditionally, witchcraft and the like were a 12th house matter.


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I agree with what has been said about the twelfth house (above). Essentially, what Crystalclear is describing is a curse question. A "curse" can simply be when someone close to the querent is ill-wishing them and the close spiritual bond between them is having a bad effect on them. Or it can be a magical or spiritual person who consciously puts a curse or spell on someone.

Lilly has rules for curses on pp 464-5 and 468-9 in Christian Astrology. Basically, you need the Ascendant ruler or the Ascendant itself or the Moon to be afflicted by the 12th house ruler. In other words, we would need to see an applying conjunction, square or opposition between the first and twelfth house rulers in order to say that witchcraft (or any kind of malefic magic) is definitely present. There's another rule that involves the 12th house Lord also being the Lord of the Ascendant and combust (CA pg 464)

That being said, often what prompts horary questions about curses is a run of bad luck, and the querent is searching for an explanation.
Charts like this will often show that the querent is afflicted and tortured in some way, but not cursed. In which case, a ritual that banishes negative thought forms would probably be the solution.

On the other hand, if the chart shows indications of malefic spiritual influences, a possible solution in that case would be to have an astrological magician make the querent an Algol talisman! :) This would offer protection and reflect the bad energy right back on the one who cast it!