Which planet rules GENERAL artistic ability, Venus or Neptune?


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But Neptune is a useful side-kick. It doesn't deal with reality, but with the world of illusion.
If you think about it, a painting is just daubs of paint on canvas.
A stage play is just actors, costumes, makeup, and scenery.
Neptune is what gives the illusion of reality.
I do think that Neptune rules film.
The other planets have a role to play.
Mercury rules the hands and writing, for example.
Neptune deals with illusions.
If you think about a film, none of it is "real".
It's actors, costumes, sets, props, make-up, camera angles, and so on.
Neptune creates a sense of reality, or at least plausibility
(in an animation or sci-fi film) sufficient to draw us into the plot and characters.
But it isn't real.
Venus, as Obsidian noted, is more about aesthetics.
continue thinking - keep in mind that physical reality is composed of atoms :smile:
actors, costumes, sets, props, make-up, cameras are composed of atoms
daubs of paint are composed of atoms

canvas is composed of atoms
planet VENUS is composed of atoms
planet NEPTUNE is composed of atoms

Traditionally, people signified by VENUS:
when joined with Moon singers
all as sell those commodities which adorn women either in body (as clothes)
or in face, (as complexion-waters.)



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I'm really reluctant to use aspects to asteroids (beyond the conjunction) because you can make a chart mean practically anything you want. Are either Taurus or Virgo particularly strong in your chart? What about Mercury, who rules the hands?

Sun plus Ceres in Taurus, Venus in Taurus, Mercury in Taurus, south node in virgo.

Still, i prefer the other explanation.

Cause thats not so simple, its quite relative. Asteroids are dots, signs are lines, theres at least 30 x 60 different possibility of dots for each sign/line, If we use 0,01 zodiac degree as the limit.
What i mean is that asteroids permit much more exactness than signs, and the meaning of the asteroids doesnt need to be get from natal, but also transits, progressions, which allows much research.

I didn't want to dismiss your interpretation, which I'm sure is much valuable, I'm just seeing from the speculative sight, once my aspects to Ceres are really tight I give preponderance to it.
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I think it would be a really insightful astrological project if there was some research in to how certain signs and combinations do specific types of art and how it’s a result of their minds and personalities.


There are so many artists with very different styles and temperaments. People's interests often inform the content of their work. The basic tropes of landscape, portrait, and still life are often regurgitated as educational exercises, but if someone paints something really wild and unusual, it's probably because they feel like it.

No art teacher is going to tell you to draw zombie kittens, and some people actively discourage it. So if someone draws something strange like that, it tells you not only what their interests are but about their persistence and authenticity too.

Body language and energy level also affect the artistic style. More frenetic energy can be seen in the marks made on a paper or canvas. In the case of someone like Pollock or Basquiat the marks almost fly off the page. Mondrian has crisp clean lines that are almost static.

Different personalities also tend to like different mediums. Sculptors are more hands on than painters. Oil painters work more slowly than acrylic painters and tend to be traditional, patient and perfectionistic. Mixed media artists are often experimental. Photographers can be both patient and impatient, prowling around like felines, cameras in hand, waiting for the right moment to pounce. Extraverts seem more likely to photograph people and introverts seem more likely to photograph landscapes. These are broad generalizations, though.

I've had people tell me my art reminded them of my personality. I'm a fine art student and I've been drawn to very chaotic energetic abstract work. I've calmed down and my work is more intricate, but still abstract. I can draw and paint people too, I just prefer not to.

So if you want one respondent, I can put up my chart and show some of my art.