Which planet rules GENERAL artistic ability, Venus or Neptune?

My research has led me to believe that Venus gives some artistic ability, but that this is usually more pronounced in females and feminine men. What about Neptune?


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In traditional astrology Venus rules all sorts of arts. If Venus rules the ascendant of the native or querent, then they will be artistic and creative. A connection with the fifth house ruler is important as well. Go to the modern astrology pages for Neptune.


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My research has led me to believe that Venus gives some artistic ability, but that this is usually more pronounced in females and feminine men. What about Neptune?

Venus rules the arts, all the arts. My sense is that art has no particular gender.
Neptune is not included in traditional astrology. You may find more conversation about Neptune in relation to the arts in the modern astrology forums.


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I have moved this thread from Traditional Astrology, where it was originally posted, to Modern Astrology. Postings on the Traditional Astrology board are required to be strictly about traditional astrology. Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto aren't used in traditional astrology, so if you mention any of those planets, it's not a traditional astrology topic. They are used in modern astrology, so I moved it here.

About the distinction,


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My research has led me to believe that Venus gives some artistic ability, but that this is usually more pronounced in females and feminine men. What about Neptune?

I disagree, planets do not have genders.

Neptune can indicate a more imaginative and dreamlike artistic sense, while the Venusian artistic sense is more about creating harmony or something pleasurable for others. Both sexes find ways to express this, but might decide to express it differently, due to societal standards and expectations.


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I’d say it’s a combination of both, along with ones general personality and mind.

A creative individual with plenty of imagination.

It’s an interesting one because there’s many forms of art and artists themselves; whether it be the more fantasy-based art or basic shapes and cartoons, anyone can be artistic and is artistic in their own right and unique way.

I think it would be a really insightful astrological project if there was some research in to how certain signs and combinations do specific types of art and how it’s a result of their minds and personalities.

Neptunian souls are usually artistic, I would agree. Many musicians, writers, painters and illustrators rely on their wealth of imagination and fantasy from that neptunian influence to create great pieces of work. I guess you could say that the Venusian aspect is more about the appeal of being an artist and how one sees beauty in it and is drawn to it as a hobby and career.

More anarchic forms of art such as political graffiti (banksy etc) and thought provoking images could stem from somebody with a more fiery base in their charts which would make them want to do it more physically and out in public, actively on a pursuit as opposed to taking a long period of time working on a piece in depth. Perhaps those that are less watery do quicker more basic art ...maybe those with a big air influence are drawn to mindful art and intellectual topics to create from .......... i feel that we could do a cool project here about this. Peace.


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But Neptune is a useful side-kick. It doesn't deal with reality, but with the world of illusion. If you think about it, a painting is just daubs of paint on canvas. A stage play is just actors, costumes, makeup, and scenery. Neptune is what gives the illusion of reality.

I do think that Neptune rules film.

The other planets have a role to play. Mercury rules the hands and writing, for example.

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While you can surely name a planet, using a power of that planet as a sign of manifesting artistic ability won't help you.

For example, you need Mars for focus and direction, you need Jupiter for expanding the ability, you need Saturn for discipline.

Any of the areas need a combination in order to work properly in a manifesting artistic endeavor.


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To me, Venus represents what the specific perception of balance and harmony is to someone. In a natal chart, it indicates what is seen as beautiful. Some people report having more 'unusual' tastes and preferences when Venus is in Scorpio (detriment). Sites like cafeastrology also mention that Venus in Taurus (rulership) shows that someone is into traditional types of art and doesn't enjoy anything that is too outlandish.

Neptune is more about generations and things that are above us. It doesn't rule a part of your personality, given the fact that it's an outer planet.


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Neptune deals with illusions. If you think about a film, none of it is "real". It's actors, costumes, sets, props, make-up, camera angles, and so on. Neptune creates a sense of reality, or at least plausibility (in an animation or sci-fi film) sufficient to draw us into the plot and characters. But it isn't real.

Venus, as Obsidian noted, is more about aesthetics.


While I don't know which planet is the planet of artistic abilities, I believe that the urge to create an art all come from different sources. Art if it is ruled by Venus motivation aims for pleasing and harmonious feelings. Art when it comes from Neptune reasons aims for expressing the suffering of all humans, since Neptune connects one's own feelings with everyone else in the world, a sense of me in everyone. So art, if it is purely ruled by Neptune, is like a medium for the collective feelings. Art, if purely comes from Venus, serve one individual's aesthetic taste.


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Art is too vague to define one planet.
Mercury is responsible for Sound and Voice
Venus is responsible for Visual Arts
Mars is responsible for Performance
The Sun and Moon are responsible for self expression
Jupiter gives education
Saturn gives discipline
Uranus makes it seem new and different but real
Neptune makes it seem nostalgic, tried and true, but surreal
Pluto gives psychological depth
The combinations of the planets in the natal chart can tell you how you artistically express yourself.
For example we can look at Kurt Cobain.
His Moon is Trined by Mercury. So he Expressed himself through his Voice.
Mercury is Opposite Pluto Retrograde and Uranus Retrograde. Mercury is also Conj Venus and Saturn. And Trine Neptune and Jupiter
When people talk about him they always reference his Voice as being his best gift musically
His sun is Trine mars, square Neptune.
He can perform and express himself, without illusion
Another example Pablo Picasso
His Moon is sextile Venus
He expressed himself through visual arts
Moon is opposite Pluto
Venus is Trine Pluto
Now follow me here.
PLUTO is connected to Jupiter who is connected to Neptune who is connected to Saturn spanning a whole 20 degrees of taurus. TAURUS RULES VENUS. This is also his tenth house (career).


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I have a relation with sculpting in Clay. I consider this in my chart being...
Moon opposition Ceto and Sisiphus. This opposition makes Square with Sun and Ceres.

Ceres.. handcraft
Sisiphus.. details, patience for never ending details.
Ceto. The raw matter, Clay.
Moon and Sun are to make it importante.

This is non orthodox astrology, I know, but it's an example of considering broader meanings skywise.

I don't feel I could grasp the meanings of Venus and Neptune, even following often them on the sky.

My best guess for Venus would be associating It with Rohini nakshatra, which jyotish does not, but i find plausible. Though i only loose comprehend Rohini symbolism too. Its artistic, much related to flowers, sweets.
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I'm really reluctant to use aspects to asteroids (beyond the conjunction) because you can make a chart mean practically anything you want. Are either Taurus or Virgo particularly strong in your chart? What about Mercury, who rules the hands?


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Depends on the art.

I would say that a singer like Celine Dion would be Venus; she has a nice voice and sings pleasant music that a wide range of people enjoy.

On the other hand, the stuff John Lennon and Yoko Ono created was definitely art of the Uranus variety.

Madonna’s Ray of Light album is totally Neptune. The lyrical imagery is watery and the lyrics are spiritual and...Neptunian from start to finish.

Those are just a few examples.