Where to go next?


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Arena has been helping me with this,
But keen also to draw help from everyone.

Thinking to relocate to USA - Looking for the best place for me to succeed professionally and have a high chance of marrying/settling down.

Have been looking at Florida as well San Francisco.

I had moved to Toronto in the past and struggled to find work. Plus the weather was tough. I did find myself in a relationship which was lovely, however too difficult finding work.

Any input would be lovely.


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First step is to look at the US immigration website to see if you would even qualify to gain entry. Since you are British you'd probably find it easier emigrating to Oz.


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I have a lead there which would allow me to be there.
It looks like if I will be in USA, San Francisco /California is my only real option for being there as that's where family is.

Really just keen to understand how I would fare in California in terms of well being and settling down/career etc.