Where is my purse?


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Long story short, I haven't used this purse in years, but kept it in a certain location at home with important papers from around 7-8 years ago. Today I decided to check on it, and it was not where i had always kept it. I do not remember moving it...

My significator is Saturn, not even on its own terms yet but at least with face, and the wallet is signified by Jupiter on the cusp between the 8th and 9th house, is also a little dignified by the degrees it id on.

Well with the moon it seems it separated from a sextile with Saturn and is applying to a trine with the moon. Jupiter is not conjunct anything.

With Jupiter in the 8th house...could it be in a lower cupboard, or a lower shelf in the closet?....could someone have taken it?


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You should be able to find the purse. Look up higher because Jupiter is in an air sign Libra.

Thank you for answering, i finished looking through all levels of my closets and could not find it:unsure:

8th house is also the second house of someone else, I am really wondering if someone took it now...


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well, that was September and this is January and I just found it yesterday, for this interested in timing.

For reference, it was at the ground level in the North west.