Where is my life headed????


Its been atleast two years since I was active on this forum. I am back here with a question regarding my life; WHERE AM I HEADING TOWARDS?

I am a civil services aspirant who is not able to clear the exams, and I have only two more attempts remaining. My question is wil lI be able to clear the exams and enter into government services? If yes, till which year I will be having favorable time? If no, should I continue in my present job?

And also, how will my finances be? Am I bound to live a average life or lead a life with some significant achievement.

What should I make out of this life?

Awaiting your reply.


Male; 07/AUG/1990,
Erode, tamilnadu, India

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The civil services examination takes a major toll of the valuable years of the life of a young man. You can appear six times or may be more and each attempt wastes one year. Imagine six years gone down the drain in this manner.
Your chart has the Moon in the ascendant in a sign of Saturn. Saturn is well placed in a sign of Jupiter in the eleventh house. It receives aspect from Venus which is a yogkaraka for you. The major-period of Saturn starts from May/2026. Therefore you will have a very good time for the 19 years of Saturn major-period.
The current major-period of Jupiter is not that helpful since Jupiter is in the sixth house in Pusya nakshatra (constellation) of Saturn and it is placed in the eighth house from the eleventh house of success. Jupiter is a doubtful planet insofar as your success at the examination is concerned.