where is my key?

I am going to see if merging with neptunian things will help me clear my mind to work this out......going for a bath!
refreshed now......will continue reading Deb Houldings site........And will keep looking.......

You'd think with all the technology on the planet there would be some technology around that returned keys to their owners......microchip the ******* things i say!
some more info.......when i lost the key i had had a few drinks at a friends house.....when i left her house both keys were in my wallet, and obviously i used one to get home....anyway i got home and went inside.....i then went to the car about half hour later to get a bag outta the boot and i am not sure which key i used ( i had had a couple of drinks)......the next morning i wanted to put the spare in a safe spot ( i had only got the car a couple of days earlier) and i noticed i didnt have both.
There is only about 15 steps from my car to my house........both gardens on either side of where i walk have been searched pretty well.....so has the grass where i walk......the car has been checked and the bag that i got out of the car has been checked too......
Maybe this helps

And i now understand why saturn rules both.........my 1st and 2nd houses are ruled by saturn......still doesnt help me find the bloody thing.........
What do i need to be doing now? anyone? moderators possibly?
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The only connection I can see where you may actually retrieve the key is through Venus; perhaps your friend or if you look at more natural significators of Venus, think about a make up bag, or in your clothing items or wallet. Venus and saturn have a mutual reception so this is where the link is.

But on the overall info, moon square saturn says you will not find the key ever again. I seriously doubt that the bearded man has the key.

Usually when moon is separating from saturn the person forgot or clumsily put the item somewhere silly however the approaching aspect bodes for non retrieval.

Kingsley thanks......venus ......clothes aswell hey? And just wondering, only handbags? what about plastic bags........perhaps it went in the rubbish?

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You are Saturn in the Ninth house and the keys are also represented by Saturn in the Ninth house, you haven't 'lost' them as they are not a separate entity. Oddly though, they are in the cadent Ninth which would suggest being far from one's home. So perhaps they are on or about an item of yours that you left at someone else's place.

In the Earth Sign of Virgo, it would suggest that the key is on or near the ground and in a southern direction. More likely to be found outside the home than inside. Check all entrances into your yard, such as the beginning of the driveway or things like that.

Good luck.
If i am the saturn and so is the key, then what significance does the uranus opposition have to saturn?
Are you able to talk me through how i am , with the key , saturn ?
I thought i was mars and the key was the moon.............horaries are technical hey? good thing i have the rest of my life to master them!

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If i am the saturn and so is the key, then what significance does the uranus opposition have to saturn?

I would say nothing, since the opposition is like...ten degrees apart.

Are you able to talk me through how i am , with the key , saturn ?

Depends on how you mean. Luna will eventually Square Saturn, so you will find it.

I thought i was mars and the key was the moon

Why's that?
I said: I thought i was mars and the key was the moon
you said :Why's that?

My reply: cos I am a goose!....I think the idea is to stick with one horary at a time....... I just got in muddle this afternoon......merc squ uranus, what can I say?!!!!!!!!!LOL I get flashes of insight now and again....the rest of the time I am a section scattered.....DISCIPLINE is my word for the week! Sorry!


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The question was about location and you take the moon to represent the location of the keys. I think by memory the moon was cadent in the 6th. That means a long way away! Not readily found and if it does show up not for quite a while. Saturn in the 9th re the querrent also bodes for lack of positive outcome here. Not much power at all in cadent houses.

One can deduce from the chart whether they will get the key back with this sort of question and Moon sq Saturn says the key is lost. You forgot or placed it somewhere pretty silly. Well, but for the mutual reception with Venus that is, there is a chance whoever venus represents has some complicity to either losing or in fact finding the key.

If the Moon is in the 6th, it might pay to look in the pantry under something black or messy, or perhaps at the local tip.



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Could be at her house or on route from her house.

I lost some jewelry last year and asked a horary, where is it. Saturn ruled second and when Saturn went direct it was found in a container almost to the day Saturn went direct.
Well SR and Kingsley,

you were both right.....I found the key! (and I am a bit embarrased)

It was in the drawers near the window, which has my TV on top. (the drawer has a piece of material covering it. Probably the reason I didnt click to looking there), The drawers contain clothes.
I was just cleaning out the drawers and found it.............

So thankyou........Sorry for not linking your posts with my house layout earlier.....

You guys are great!