Where is my extra spare old graphic card?


It came with my pc I bought in 2009 'til 5 years later decided to upgrade the pc with another better one (it's red but it's currently damaged/dead and i Don't care about the one from 2014. I'm quite sure it's in my room. I've checked most if not all my shelves and wardrobes couple times. Sadly without much success. There are also many cardboard boxes I've been gathering since a good while to kinda clean up some space (my room is small and it became a sorta storage). I really need to find it ASAP or else I'll have to buy a new one and I don't feel like spending extra money if zi already have what I need. And it's related to my job. (I need an access to the new monitor I've bought recently). And I remember it worked before.

I don't see any retrogradation in my chart now. And there's a probability I have it in 1 of my older smaller cardboards or a plastic bag.

I use Astro Gold on mobile. Sorry I'm still a noob though I'm finishing John Crawley's The Horary Textbook. He suggested using using Regiomontanus and discarding Uranus, Neptune and Pluto so it's less confusing for noobs like myself (he's inspired by William Lilly). And sorry about the chart quality. For some reason the forum tool compressed the picture even though I don't exceed 1mb (the original is 200kb)


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