Where is it?... And will I recover it.


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URGENT. Where is it?... And will I recover it?

OK, I lost a precious small item yesterday on 11/14/17 between 12 and 2 pm and drew a chart at 217 pm. The question : Will I recover it, and where is it?.
Chain of events:
1. I went to the kitchen to get a snack, put the item in my left pocket (or so I thought).
2. I went outside to throw away trash and check my mailbox.
3. I came home and immediately reached in my pocket and realized it was gone. I had other items still there like my wallet and earrings.
4. I deployed my male roommate to help me look and together we searched everywhere including inside the trashcan , and it was nowhere to be found.

Will I recover the item and any insights welcome
Chart here: https://ibb.co/n0fJv6

And the planet positions/degrees here:

Part of lost objects at 15 Capricorn. Part of Fortune in the 11 house at 13 Aquarius.
And part of Theft is 27 Libra.
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I am curious if anybody has ANY input at all as I'm emotionally attached to the case. Most concerned with theft as Saturn is quite ominous and hugging the cusp of the 10th house.


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There are testimonies it will be found.
Ruler and POF are near a house cusp, so look at places near a door, window, or passage between rooms.
If it is in house: It to can be in a bathroom, toilet, next to water pipes, or near something that holds water, in a dirty part of the house where rubbish or junk is kept, trashcan, room or desk where unpaid bills are kept, in an “empty” room, wash room, medicine cabinet, secret drawer or chest, in a hiding place.
If it is outside: It can be in or near a swamp, stagnant pool, locations subject to flooding, in or near a garbage can, near cesspools, a vermin infested area, next to an evergreen tree, in an orchard near muddy ground, or near or in a river.

Direction: South by West
Near colour: white, light green, blue, pink, lemon yellow

POF is in 12 house in Aq.
If it is in house: it can be in or near a built-in device or equipment, near electrical appliances, radios, televisions, computers, in a TV room with stereo equipment, near a telephone area, close to a meter panel or fuse box, close to a light in a room that has been remodeled or modernized, an additional room with modern furniture, part of the house that was in the original structure, in rooms upstairs, the attic, near a drafty window, or in a room with barely comfortable furniture.

If it is outside: It can be in or near places recently dug up, uneven ground, in or next to a garage, places where you park your car, in or around an automobile, on land that has been changed from farming to residential, in a wooded area with trails.

Direction: Southeast
Near colour: violet, indigo, azure, green, grey, multi-colors, unusual shades, neons


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Thanks so much for your response!! It's greatly appreciated. Myself (Jupiter) and my item (Venus) are applicating to each other in 2 degrees but located in Scorpio in Via Combusta degrees and the house is the unlucky 8th . I am trying not to lose hope. Attached is my house plan https://ibb.co/cr2rL6


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Dear friends,
not a day goes by that I don't wonder where my item is. It is SUCH a great mystery.
I am Jupiter in Scorpio/8th house (cleaning my house) that separated with my item within 1 degree (literally feels like a second ago!). Unfortunately Venus is peregrine and detrimented in Scorpio, and to add insult to injury the degree is Via Combusta or in the unlucky burned path. All of this aside, the item disappeared within 15 minutes in my home, so my hopes are still with me. :rightful:


OK so maybe the roommate took it...Deborah Houlding says that 7th house suggests that the item has been stolen... as he is represented by Mercury and he is in his 3rd house of short trips where he exactly sextiles the Moon, my items' co-significator. After that, the Moon will conjunct Mars within 2 degrees. What's happening? The item is in my roommate's possession (his 2nd house) but then Mars suggests "his belongings" possibly a water cooler/storage or place where he stores liquids such as red thermos/cup.:pouty:
I have superimposed the image of the chart placing north directly on mc of the chart:

Although the picture doesn't show it, but besides the couch where the Moon and Venus are posited, we also have a small shed on the balcony where my roommate's junk is kept. I will try and look there.:innocent:

Arguments for recovery:
1.Very weak, SERAPATING a full degree conjunction in the unfortunate 8th house.
2. Application of Venus to 1st house - none; application of Moon to 1st house - none; application of Moon to its dispositor - none. The Sun and Moon aspecting each other out of angles - none.
3. The Moon is angular - yes; is it aspecting a fortune? its aspecting POF at 12 of Aquarius in the 11th house - its in "friends" safekeeping.
4.Both Sun and Moons are "above the Earth".
5. if the Moon or 2nd-ruler is within 30° of asc-ruler, the missing item is at home, or somewhere near the querent. Its within 1 degree.

Arguments against recovery:
1.The Moon or 2nd-ruler in the 7th or 8th house, aspected by the ruler of the 7th - this suggests the missing item has been stolen (the 7th house indicating that it has been taken by another, the 8th house indicating that person has already sold it or profited by it). I have to say that this item is engraved with my full name so selling it would be tough. I do not think he sold it but possibly he hid it in his belongings (his 2nd house suggests it).
2.Fortuna is disposed by Uranus/Saturn, misfortune planet...which suggests damage to the item. I've been thinking the same thing as the Moon is also afflicted by Mars.
3.The second ruler in the 8th and the Moon applying the the 8th ruler. Yes. Succedent house means its hidden but not too far.
4. The Moon or 2nd ruler aspecting an infortune - it has fallen into the possession of a dishonest person who will keep it. (Especially if the infortune also aspects the ascendant or asc-ruler.) This is true for the item but untrue to ascendant lord - its applying a trine to Neptune in the 12th house. No misfortunes.

Locating the item, lets try this one more time:
1.Scorpio, North by East (which is location of the shed outside and the living room).
2.8th house - location West-South (Libra is west also) and Desc is West. To the right.
3.Fortuna in Aquarius, West-North.
(I tried inserting an image twice now without success so here are attachments).


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Moon conj. Mars = yes you will recover it!

OK, I lost a precious small item yesterday on 11/14/17 between 12 and 2 pm and drew a chart at 217 pm. The question : Will I recover it, and where is it?.
Chain of events:
1. I went to the kitchen to get a snack, put the item in my left pocket (or so I thought).
2. I went outside to throw away trash and check my mailbox.
3. I came home and immediately reached in my pocket and realized it was gone. I had other items still there like my wallet and earrings.
4. I deployed my male roommate to help me look and together we searched everywhere including inside the trashcan , and it was nowhere to be found.

Aries intercepted (personal within the 1st house) something you were wearing as you mentioned the object within your pocket. Venus the object mutual reception with Mars; you are right between going outside & attending to something you did & coming back into the house the treasure came out of the pocket whilst removing something other than the object from the pocket & possibly being among the other items flew out of the pocket somewhere on the walk. Venus out in the open in mutual reception with Mars near the Moon says is is in a place pretty that could be near a bedroom window or containers or flower pots on the ground near the bedroom window, the colors are pastel & light hues of pink with modeled yellows & light greens (Libra). Because Venus is in dark Scorpio a stark object of red or brick is close.
The Moon going to the object means you walked right by it without noticeing it. Cancer is along side the house; she rules well, fountains, marshes ditches water-ways & trickling run-offs, areas with muddy walk ways..= North
Do you have a compass?
Cancer indoors; kitchen, cellar, laundry, sink & pumps, plumbing lines; followig an irregular line toward the North wall of the house or room where the planet lies.
Angular houses tell us that it is in the home, in the part where the person generally works with such things or suspects it may be found.
While you went outside did you take off a jacket and hang it somewhere higher than your head or did you reach up to adjust an object or fetch something that was above your head, did you walk up the stairs (Libra is a higher than usual ground area)
Moon (you) so close to the item (Mars-Venus) says you changed (7th house cardinal, something & the item was about that change also. (Moon rules changeable neighboring area.
I would say Scorpio where Venus is might be the trash area but bc Mars is in dignity back within that sign hidden in the 8th house, the garbage area has some tidy orderlyness to it or is regimed regularly in some way. Were you emptying trash whilst you went outside?
8th house is possession of the home in other words a fixture most homes must accomadate as owned by the home (part of the accutrimonts) trash, garage area (mars in Scorpio) A place where men bunk or have seperated bedrooms.
The clothing item is shared with another? Uranus in harmony back in Libra with exalted Mars in Aries, briefly flitted away, (Uranus is sudden loosing of apparel & the human unknown element or individual on the scene) Uranus back in Scorpio (even if it is a resonance of Mars with mutual reception with Venus-felt as a momentary vibration) will experience an exaltation in the 8th says suddenly the area influenced by a human re-arranging of moldy, mildewy, undesirable objects or cleaning them up will assist you to find your treasure. (Uranus must be exalted in Scorpio in mutual reception with Mars as he experiences the mutual reception with Venus-by a sudden transferable energy to enable you to find that which is missing.
Moon is either you or the friend you went with to help you find the object, she is in a Southerly declination so the increment of time is days or weeks bc Cancer whom rules time by the Moon is upon the 5th house; Cardinal on succeedent houses indicated days or weeks ..S.declination (lengthens the timing) is weeks. With a 1.5 degree orb of allowance 2 1/2 weeks possibly? Lucky strick in your 6th house speaks of chores or personal habits will be a catalyst for you to locate the item.
Am not to confident when I see Venus & Jupiter in the 13th degree Parallel in a Scorpio (rubbish-garbage, good going to waste or bad) hidden moist place. The area is lush or overgrown possibly & in a place of abundant metal stock piled area? transformative place, so there is the possibiliy it was dropped (Venus is the possession in effect within a conjunction with Jupiter.) Did you recently spread manure in a garden? Is there a stock pile of manure ready to be spread or peat moss to plant bulbs in? It is a dark area possibly with a dark complextioned individual whom helped you look for it?
The human element is within your house (Uranus) so if by chance you think the object was sequestered away the individual is inflenced by your distress & if they have it whilst you dropped it will return it to you.
Lights are above the horizon which is very good for retrieval of treaure.
Gemini is a key as with Mercury in Sagittarius, Mercury is detriment but back in Scorpio is in harmony so am thinking your must retrace your steps once again along the area you think the treasure flew out of your clothing or go to an area where you changed soiled clothing.
The individual whom (possibly) is 'holding' it for you periodically changes their mode of temerament from shy to stealthful, so try to appeal to their honest side & the object will return to you..is anyone jealose of you or envious?
Hwe'a hoping the object returns to you soon
All the best
Do you have friends that prefer their own gender to a hetrosexual relationship?
No offence intended only wishing to give you wome clues.
Look in your soiled clothing & among magazines thrown away (Mercury in Sag. back in Scorpio mutual harmony)

One other thought-Mercury in Sagittarius (detriment-lying) back in harmony with Jupiter in Scorpio (harmony) says no doubt you will have to do a little detective work & possible a criticism involved to the one thought whom might have the treasure, quilt is Scorpio..& detective work, envy jealose etc.

Moon Parallel Mars (clothing wedged in); communication is a must with possibly not so nice words involved, but Venus in mutual reception with Mars says you can get out of the harshness with a strict honest & vulnerable approach..angelic nature will win.. a one that makes the culprit rise to the occasion to come clean if the object was kipped while you were looking for it, or it was secretly sequestered from your person or clothing..look again. Thinking some contact must be made. Moon Mars Paralles..feelings exchanged possibly heated..be careful & diplomatic.
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