Where is Dylan Rounds' body?


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Here is a video summarising this tragic story.

A man has finally been charged with the murder, but Dylan's body has not be located.

Some Arabic Parts:
Part of Death at 12 taurus is conjunct Uranus. This murder was spontaneous, not pre-meditated.
Part of Violence is 0 virgo. In the 12th house of self-undoing, opposing mercury of Dylan.
Part of Peril is 4 Leo. Square the nodes and inconjunct Dylan.
Part of Possessions at 21 pisces, exactly on the descendent. Presumably the killer, James Brenner, killed because Dylan was ordering him off his land, where Brenner was squatting.
The body has not yet been found, and his parents are understandably distraught.

So, here is a horary chart asking, Where is Dylan?

Dylan is the ascendent, at 21 virgo, exactly squaring violent mars on the MH.
The murderer in the 7th, with rulers Neptune and Jupiter in 7th.
Neptune of deception and alcohol is exactly conjunct descendent.

Ascendent ruler mercury is at 4 degrees pisces in the 6th house.
Which is south west of where he was last placed, and supposedly where the murder took place.
Pisces would indicate Dylan is in water.
Moon is on the cusp of hidden 12th, in dry Leo.
Once moon moves forward to oppose mercury, it will be in earthy virgo, and perhaps the pool of water will dry up and
the body will become visible?

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