Where did I place my CV and lucky charm


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Okay so this is good for practice as I finally found it around 6 days after casting the chart.

I had placed my Resume in my handbag just in case someone I meet asks for one as happens often where I am, and I had a lucky charm, that I keep as i always got good luck when I carried it with me...anyway so I was sure I placed them in the handbag I am using these days, but could not find them. i also feared I may have thrown them both accidentally while clearing clutter.

I being represented by moon and my possessions the sun trining each other leaves me happy. Specially that it is an applying trine.

The sun is at home, as if the chart is saying ‘relax your charm attached to the CV is at home, ‘
It is surrounded by the Jupiter of my 6th house or 9th house hmmm and mercury which could represent my CV or 12th house...it is still with the CV in a place I am oblivious to (at least while I asked the question, I had blanked out about something)

Moon’s aspect towards the ascendant was a bit of a worry...but the trine between sun and moon proved to be what matters.

If you would like to try seeing where I found it, You can try reading this chart and I will yell you where I found it after your tries, so you could make good notes about lost (or misplaced) item horary.


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