Where and how I will meet my future spouse????


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Can someone plz help me ?
Where and how I will meet my future spouse????

He (Mars the ruler of my 7th) is in my 2nd house in Scorpio will I meet him by term of money ( 2nd house ) or term of sex ( Scorpio)???


My Natal chart.


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reyrpm : pick-adapt-integrate as relevant,

mars lord 7th over scorpio 2nd, financial support from spouse;
jup-mars scorpio seeking spouse deep thinker, introvert/reserved, passionate;
jup-mars scorpio good at research-occult-forensic advisory projects;

mars-venus scorpio-leo, square, friendly lords mars-sun,
relationship by mere attractions, challenge in the relationship same time;
venus leo may need zinc supplements for health, prone to kidney issues etc;

leo-sun inimical-malefic for libra asc,
stress-delays in income-gains-friendships-relationship;

sun virgo 11th, gains through govt-corporates-social elite
but under stress-delay;
virgo critical thinking/attitude,
good for audit-quality management-editorial roles;

jup now transit moon sag 3rd, trine venus leo 11th,
gains from women-arts-relationship,
jup effective mid-course march-june 019;
jup sag trine aries 7th for marriage-relationship;

moon sag compatible with moons sag, cancer, leo, scorpio, pisces, aries;
libra asc compatible with asc libra, aries, taurus, gemini, virgo, scorpio, cap, acq,

rahu NNode now transit venus leo 11th, gains from foreign friends/relationships, but under stress-delay;

ketu SNode now transit acq 5th, detachment from luck-edu-romance-children-position, and pain-injury-surgery to care;
prayers to Christ, offer red flowers sat evenings at the alter at home;

all planets between ketu-rahu the nodes;
rahu transits over planets in sequence clouding things;
ketu transits tending to detachments, pain-injury-surgery;
ketu now heading towards natal ketu cap 3rd come 019;

do promptly ack, share pointwise salient ground feedbacks
how true-insightful,

wishing well with transit jup sag trine venus 11th coming months to watch,



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With Jupiter sextiling your 1st house planets you could meet him in the next 12th months or when Jupiter goes into Capricorn in late 2019 sextiling your 7th lord.


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Thank you appreciate it, but where and how I will meet him?

And this is possible if I already knows my future husband?? Can Natal chart indicate something like this?
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