(when) will we meet again?


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Hey Elena

I think there is a TOL from merc ... Mercury last aspected mars then it is moving towards Venus
mercury carries venus'energy therefore it should be classified as TOL



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Actually mercury is retrograde, so moving away from Venus.

ughm naw it is not TOL.
Mars perfects with Jupiter .. and venus perfectswith Jupiter as well without an interference

which makes Jupiter to be a collector of lights!

tech speaking Venus is separating from mercury.. venus gains speed while merc is recovering from a retrograde
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I feel like a wet blanket here!
Mercury is the faster of the two, so it is mercury who moves away from Venus.
Then Venus first will square Neptune before reaching Jupiter.
And meanwhile Jupiter goes direct.
Venus will catch up with Jupiter after she aspects Neptune.
But while she is doing all this, mars squares pluto.
A bit convoluted, though, don't you think?

i wouldnt throw moderns in here but i can see where you are going with this
it feels like she will meet him but it might not end up the way she wants
Letscheck 4th house just for sanity sake

our number 1 problem is venus sitting in 8th house
I am closing my eyes on the separating combustion ..it is jsut too hell of a mess-mars besides we dont care about mars .. we are watching venus

moon rules 4th hosue is in 12th
it is almost ike NOT even worth it

and if she wants a rel with this dude.. merc is on desc venus aspected
that is like he has a gf
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I wouldnt put timing on the plate because it isprobably one of the most difficult things to figure out.

My own charts I mess with timing bc I expect things to go weird ways.