When will I get sexual satisfaction


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Though married, wife is not interested in sex.
When will I have as per need sexual gratification and with wife or some other person will do the job?


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Time of question is early ie 0 degree rising, so may not be correct.

Ruler of 5th is in 6th sex, healthy and not afflicted. Ruler of 6th Venus in 8th and sextile Mars.
sex and ruler of 6th (accidental) and natural ruler of 8th.

Maybe be relation will improve!


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Yes the very early degree suggest that you maybe have to think through your question. Is it really what you want to know?
Moon and mercury in this chart in scorpio. The dispositor is mars likewise in scorpio and moon/mars conjunction. Mercury is also the 5th house ruler. Mars represents the lust, moon is in his own fall and is received by mercury and mars in fall. So the charts shows indeed your sexual frustration. Moon/mercury conjunction in 9 Degrees, i.e. yes you will have sex. And both mercury and moon applying a sextile with saturn, which could represents another woman.


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Horary aside, maybe you're not getting sex, but I wonder, when you have had sex with your wife, did you always make sure to take care of her needs too?

8, 8 months go by. I have been taking care of her financially and her desires..

It is she that has made sex a up hill problem for me that want it every day