When will i get my claim money?


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My Interpretation

Ascendant Degree: 14’38
Sign on Ascendant: Pisces
(Horary) Ruler of Ascendant: Jupiter
Planets in 1st House: Venus and Uranus

Natural house of Question: 8th
Sign on natural house: Libra
(Horary) Ruler of Natural House: Venus
Planets in the 8th House: None


I am signified by the greater benefic Jupiter, the ruler of the Ascendant. Jupiter is in the 11th house which is succendent house and means ‘mediocre strength’. Jupiter rejoices in the 11th and brings ‘good fortune, benefactors and friends’ and is strong.

The question is signified by the lesser benefic Venus the ruler of the 8th. Venus is conjunct the Ascendant with an orb of 5 and is in the 1st house which is Angular meaning swift action. Venus is
exalted in Pisces.

Now there is also a semi square aspect between Jupiter and Venus, would this indicate that I also have a little difficulty in receiving the money?

My conclusion... mmm... sooner than expected Venus is conjunct 1st, but not without diffculty?

Does anyone have comments/help on my reading?
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Hello Kerrie, you forgot to give a bit of background. From the full 11th house, it seems to me that the money should come from the company you work for?

We find here Saturn retrograde in the 7th. This is a warning for the astrologer that he/she might interprete this chart wrongly and therefore needs to look things over carefully.

Yes, you are Jupiter in the 11th of hope, but also in the 2nd of the 10th. You claim money from the companies money is that correct?

Venus rules the 8th house, also correct and is placed in your 1st, so it looks as if the money is coming to you, but, Venus is going to oppose Saturn. Something unexpected and to do with something that was witheld from you or maybe you withheld from them will cause a delay (Saturn).

The Moon, normally VOC, is in a sign where the action of the Moon is not taken away (William Lilly rule). You are also the Moon and you are in the 10th house, again, the house of career. It is possible that you already got a "no" from them as the Moon has passed the square to Venus.

Venus is exalted in Pisces.
It looks like a lot of money that you want to claim.

Venus (the money) is on her way to make contact with Mars (house of your income and finances), but just before that will conjunct Uranus, this unexpected happening. It might be that a lawyer will contact you about the money.

I think you might have a problem on your hands. Mercury, the ruler of the end of the matter house, is retrograde, not good and in the sign where Jupiter is in fall. Moon will change into a sign where she is in her detriment.

Venus will not make an aspect to Jupiter but they are in mutual reception by face, but that is a very weak MR. So maybe you will get the money, but you will have to wait longer to get it and it wont be at all what you expected it to be. I need more background information.


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Hi sorry Starlink, the money should come from an insurance company due to a car accident I was in, either workers compensation (injured in work hours) or a motor vehicle accident claim. Its a case of select which payment you want but you cant have both when they come.

Im a little worried now about the opp between Ven and Sat. I guess though I already thought about insurance company delays. I have 2 insurance Dr's appointment coming up in 1 in Feb and 1 in March. I was thinking after these dates, and plus about 3 months I would see something. Just because they are so slow in pondering... lol

Re: "It is possible that you already got a "no" from them as the Moon has passed the square to Venus."

No, I havent got any word like that?


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Hi Kerrie, thanks a lot for your feedback. That helps me very much. I was seeing this Moon of yours in the 10th house so deducted from Career point of view. 10th house also means other things of course (social surroundings and status). Maybe the Moon-Venus square from the past was the accident itself. Venus ruling the 3rd house of traffic amongst other things. Thanks for mentioning that last bit. Now that I have more info it is easier to see what that aspect could have meant.
Insurance companies are known for delaying. I have a girlfriend who waited almost 2 years!! But she finally got her money. I hope you wont have to wait too long. But Mars (the money) wont be able to get to Jupiter. Both are in different signs first of all, then Mercury and Sun are blocking the road.

Mars is also going to trine that Saturn. Saturn retro in the house of the opposition (probably the guy or women who was involved in the accident.
Saturn in 7 warns for a wrong interpretation usually, so somewhere there is a problem in this chart. Saturn retro in the 7th can in this case also mean that the other person has pulled back or does not want to cooperate?

Now if we use the modern ruler of the 8th (actually not done in traditional astrology) we see that Moon will conjunct Pluto in about 6° (weeks?) but make it a bit longer because Moon has to cross borders first. Hope it is not going to be 5 or 6 Month! This is the only timing I can see here.


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Now I also felt it would be 5 or 6 months, not becaues of astrology though just because it would be abut right, its nice to see that astro agrees. So 2 1/2 years after the accident. A long time to wait but it seems to be common place with them, lol.

I am hoping that saturn in the 7th is not warning on a wrong interpretation because of the question? As now I am thinking what if there is no money, as also shown??? by what you said about Mars not getting to Jupiter and Mercury and Sun being blocked. What do you think? Should I redo a chart asking if I would receive any money from the claim?

Although, I was a passenger in the accident and the driver when the accident first happened, the driver said she was going to go to the insurance company with me but backed out. She didnt sustained any injuries and I got the lot! Although I heard she got a new car out of all of it. Maybe that is the person backing out?

Thanks Starlink.


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Maybe that is the person backing out?
Quite possible yes.
Is it her insurance company which has to pay you the money? Interesting that she got a new car, so they must have paid for her.
Could you not give them a call?


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She got the new car just after the accident which would be about 2 years ago.

I might call my lawyer and see how 'everything' is, and I still have those 2 appointments with the insurance company doctors coming up.

I will let you know of developments.