when will i get a new job


Hello everybody,

i have since a few month a new job, but because the job boreout me and affect my health in a negativ way. Also there are a lot of business trips where aggravate this problem. (nothing to do in the evening)

in 6 weeks i´m ill the second time for a few days because i cant withstand this boreout. I have to work for 8 hours and only have to do for one, and that every day.

Are there a possibility of a job chance?

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Moon In 4th shows you feel comfortable in our home. Sun (ruler of 10th) opposite Uranus (ruler of 4th) may describe a separation from home to career. Could this show that you don't want to travel?


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I think there is a possible shift or opportunity as Mars reaches the MC, in about 10-11 units (weeks or months).


Oh I'm sorry I have posted the false picture

Neptun isnt in capricorn in 2019 and Pluto is not in scorpio. I will post this chart again at home 🙈
Also this real chart looks more terrible than the first
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