When will I get a job?


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Plzz tell me when I will get a job?
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POB arrah bihar


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western placidus chart :

jup lord 9th for liuck now retro towards leo asc
trine aries 10th for career, trine moon-jup, and
trine own sag-sat 5th,
sat lord 6th and significator for employment
over 5th for position-status, may be into public admin.
jup lord 9th trine aspect natal sat sag 5th.

sat transits natal sat sag calling for longterm decisions of life,

basically sat as lord 6th over 5th negates employment prospects,
sat aspects own acq 7th protective of business-vocation.
sat 5th good for quicker recovery from health issues.

however watch jup leo trine sat sag for position-promotion
these 4-5m, hopefully before sat turns retro come March.

rahu transit virgo 2nd tending to earnings from foreign sources,
while ketu transit pisces 8th accident prone/water accidents to care
and while inclined to spiritual explorations.

natal rahu 9th tending to foreign travels.
ketu 3rd impulsive, accident prone.

moon lord 12th for foreign lands over 10th for career,
tending to foreign assignments, with career issues same time.

best wishes these months,



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Currently you are passing through a period of Sun, which is in the house of finance, capable of giving finance or earning.
I will suggest you to brush up your skills and try, I feel you will get a job, possibly you may have to compromise, but after February 2018, you will be getting job opportunity according to your wish.


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You are in the sub-period of Mercury in the major-period of the Sun these days till October 2016. This is not a period that would give you a regular job but you may come upon sources of income.
You will get a job in the sub-period of Ketu which will begin in Oct 2016.:smile:


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hello kshantaram sir;

need your help. i am too confused about my career these days
please help me .
i was preparing for administrative services but did't got succes since last 4 years .what should i do should i continue or quit or should i choose any other carrier

plzzz help


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reyrpm : western placidus chart :

jup-moon lords 1/5/9 over action oriented intelligent impulsive aries 10th,
highest deg, core personality and vocation,
gajakesariyoga and prosperity in life,
conceptual and govt leadership possibly, and victorious;
action leadership-consultancy-educational roles;

jup-moon late deg and weak, wear yellow sapphire and pearl over jup finger;
prayers to saint of your faith, light cow ghee diya daily morning;

jup lord 9th for luck now transit 4th scorpio for research-occult aptitudes,
ability to go to depths and advisory roles,
trine own pisces 9th for luck-edu;
trine elevated aspect over cancer for health and well-being;
jup effective mid-course, jan-april 018 hopefully;

sat 5th philosophical sag for position-status, may be into public admin.
jup lord 9th over aries 10th trine aspect natal sat sag 5th.

sat now transit natal sat sag 5th calling for longterm decisions of life,
sat sag aspects own acq 7th protective of business-vocation.
sat transit 5th seeking change but stuck,
observe fast sat evenings, light til oil diya daily evenings;.

sat 5-6m later move to own cap 6th good for employment,
event management, etc;

rahu past 1.5yr transit virgo 2nd
clouding sun-mer-mars for family-fin-education;

rahu now transit leo first trine natal rahu aries 9th for foreign travels;

mer lord 11th for gains over 3rd libra gains from writings/written tests;

venus lord 11th debilated 3rd self-centred virgo 3rd for writings,
venus elevated aspect over pisces 9th for luck-edu,
sun-venus combust;
sun-mars-venus virgo critical thinking/attitude; good for audit-quality roles;

venus lord 4th over 3rd debilated, negating mother-native place-property;

wear 0.5 carat diamond over platinum pendant touching heart
for support in success at written examinations;

natal ketu libra 3rd impulsive actions, detachment from siblings,
pain-injury-surgery arms-shoulders-ears-abdominals-skin; accident prone;
perform japa for ketu airy libra 3rd,
once a month donate 1.25kg white til at Ramalaya fri just before sunset,

hope observations and remedies help,
jup scorpio trine pisces 9th for luck-edu year ahead,

do CARE to ack and share feedbacks on the detailed insights offered,

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i have one more doubt plz suggest me which gemstone i should wear . i have already wear pokraj in index finger and pearl in little finger.is it good for me?