When will I get a job?


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Hello Dear members,
my birth details are as follows,
01:24 pm
I am trying really hard for a job but I am not able to succeed
So please interpret my chart regarding job
Thank you


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in the house of profession (10H), sun is close with rahu which is said to eclipse the sun (grahan dosha).
so, you may have interest in politics. however, rahu may give disappointments and cheating tendencies in some people. your father may be doing some bad activities like drug/crime/sex. or, you may have unfavorable relationship with him or he may be not with u to care for u. In some cases, fake power, misuse of power is possible in profession. You may act like a rebel with people in authority. Your father's family route may be in question.
If you feel these true, then consider remedies for rahu.
As venus is in 10H (his own house), your profession must go well too.
It suggests profession in artistic/ decorative fields.
As per navamsa, you may work in teaching places or temples.
right now u are running sun dasa (from 2014 oct to 2020 september). until this period you may not get much career benefit as sun is eclipsed by rahu. after that moon dasa will begin. moon is little affected by ketu but the dasa can be better for you.
link for moon in 8h: https://www.indastro.com/house/moon-8th-house.html
your lagna lord shani is in vagra gathi, so that may give some slow improvement/ irritating path in developing ur personlaity.


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Okay, looking at sun's dignity, I sense that you don't really have that much of a confidence issue, but you seem to have some egotistical issues with you. You're secure in yourself, yet you tend to put those issues on the face of people. It's clear that you have the willpower to succeed, and you'll overcome, in case if you have you still have confidence issues, then those specifically.

For career, I sense that rather than this, business will suit you more, and also, something related to venusian qualities. YOU are a born leader, and you have to charisma to shine wherever you want.

Good luck.