When will I find a job?


about 6 months I am looking for a job. Not very actively but I go to job interviews time to time. I am sick of it. Competition is huge and I am not a very talkative and radiant person to wow HR. Of course I am trying to show my best but i can't fake it for a 100 percent and I am starting to get an anxiety.

My question is when will I find a job?


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The Everqueen

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The Moon at 6 degrees confirms the 6 months you have been looking for a job. The Moon applies to sextile Jupiter in 8.30 degrees so perhaps in about 8 or so months, you will get one. As the Moon is angular in the 10th house you can speed this along if you want to and it may be as soon as 8 and a half weeks so anytime between the end of April and the beginning of October.

The Everqueen

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It will sextile Jupiter after it changes signs - how would you time it otherwise? I've done this before with no problems. More than one way to skin a cat!:biggrin:

I wanted to let you know that I found a job. I will start on the 5th of April.

I am a bit concerned because on that date will be the conjunction of Saturn and Mars and as many of astrologers say it is not a good thing.
There was mobbing at my last job and I am afraid it will repeat ... What do you think?