When Saturn Returns


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:capricorn: :sunny:Dear Saturn Returns
We find ourselves in the unpleasentness of a zodialogical phases of our horoscope after things are going well due to positive influences, we're over cofident and tend to be popus plus at times a bit selfish. But as soon as phases like saturn returns visit apon us that energy comes home to reak havoc with a vengance. It apppears that Saturn returns a maleficent judgement upon us, but it is our own negative energies we gave off when all was well. Saturn returns are ment to maturate our idologies, attitudes and self development. When we fail to get it the first or second etc. time around. Your irritating surroundings are your tests to endure with patience and grace.
So remember to be humble gererous,and kind when the planets favor us in order to perpetuate the same when karmic Saturn returns. When we feel that we are traped by someone elses negatives, we should think back to the times we served it up to others. I hope your Saturn return goes smoothly and that you experience a wealth of knowledge and positive vibrations from the Universe. I to am entering my Saturn and Jupiter return and I am treading lightly with grace and awarness of others feelings. Peace & Love

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That's really nice! If I'd read that during my Saturn return it would have helped ease things. Great advice for any hard Saturn transit. I'll remember this for my upcoming oppositions.

MY Saturn return is looming, I have Saturn in the 1st and my crisis could be quite volcanic. Years of wearing masks, hiding feelings, and repressing anger will catch up to me. I may experience an issue with an authority figure that grows out of hand. I might be ready to confront someone or something that is holding me back from my true glory :p Who ever it is they better watch out.:D

I might break down. Criticism of my performance at work, or a critique of my looks, or some other experience can feel like an attack from a monster who's only interest is to bring me down. But as it says in my book on Saturn this is my oppurtunity to break out the polish and get to looking for my true reflection in this self hating knife of mine.

My vitality could be diminished, I could get depressed. My confidence may be rocked - nothing new there. Power struggles may happen if I am giving all my power away in a relationship. My Saturn return won't allow my soul to sustain the imbalances. It is a time I will take my rightful power back.

And for my Saturn in Virgo all the messy corners of my life are likely to be blown up until the chaos is front centre, staring me right in the face. Forget spring cleaning try a major overhaul of the recessed clutter of the past 27 yrs. My inner finicky Felix is about to streamline my inner slobby oscar :D. Saturn's gonna scrub the floors, take out the trash and give me a new paint job to boot. He wants my former cluttered life to look like a Zen palace when he's finished.

This is just a little of what might be happening to me from the Book Saturn Return - So I am a little prepared for it. :rolleyes:


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For my husband, he had his second Saturn return quite awhile ago(he's now 64 - will be 65 in August), but tr. Saturn going into Virgo will be at 3 or so degrees past his very late-Leo Ascendant(like 27 approx. Leo), then it will proceed to conjunct his Mars and North Node, and later his Neptune in Virgo(at the very beginning of his 2nd house, as Virgo occupies most of his 1st). Hoping he will not suffer from ill health or other misfortunes. For me, I'm just past my second Saturn return(took awhile because of 3 passes due to retrogrades)in my 6th house where I have my stellium of Saturn on 6th house cusp, along with Pluto and the Moon. During that time, yes, I did increase my already-in-place health and fitness efforts(now at a good gym after living out in the hinterlands for many years), continue to enjoy good health, and I relocated back to my beloved city of San Francisco, and have returned to watercolor painting after experimenting with digital media for a number of years. So, yes, big changes, all good. I do still use my computer though for the stuff it is good for, for me, like design, the Internet, etc., but my painting satisfies an even deeper need, and is still my strongest output.
So Saturn returns aren't all bad, usually tr. Saturn gives you what you've paid attention to and been disciplined about, in real terms, not what you think you've worked for, but what you've actually worked for. As in, if you've neglected your health or work(6th house)it will be brought to your attention and you will have to make suitable adjustments. This can be applied to the affairs of the particular house Saturn will be returning to - I just used the 6th for an example as it is my personal experience.

Morghana Stellara

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With utmost dread, I trembled in fear before my Saturn return... (in 12th house Leo in 2005-06). I wondered if I would make it out alive (you think I'm kidding?)... all those crazy worrisome questions. I had it all mapped out: when the three passes Saturn made would be strongest, what cave I was going to hide in, etc...

It wasn't that bad. Sure, I impulsively quit my job and took another one that paid less.. I crashed my car... moved... began a transformative relationship (well, not with that intention :) )

I can now look back and say... all those things were events on a path to growing up. The choices I made all led to other things, catalysts for growth and rebirth. Somewhere along the way, there was a subtle, yet dramatic, transformation, and I feel that somewhere in my psyche I could finally welcome myself to adulthood, and I sure hope I'll be around to welcome the next one.


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My mum hit a big depression after her first Saturn return and ended up divorced just after it when my father hit his and decided he needed a new life. Her second Saturn return is due next year and she gets to retire. I'm very much hoping she will find a new lease of life and try all those new things she's been convincing herself are not really for her, like the internet etc...


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Re: When Saturn Returns*Reply

I was kind of worried when the last Solar and Lunar Eclipse occured this Summer in Virgo, and braced myself for a Mega attack due to the force Eclipes have in a sign. I do have some emotional scars from a psychotic neighbor who's secretly enjoying his subtle attachs of spraying some type of oderless irritant into the wall outlit of our adjorning apartment wall which began a year ago, but intensified during the past Eclipse. Although I have'nt retalited because I believe it's Karmic. I do feel helpless and wait for the tide to turn, to give me some breathing relief.


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Re: When Saturn Retrograde Returns in Virgo

Hey all you Virgo-Saturn Returns falling in my second house of possessions.......I hope that you are still hanging in there especially when It is currently stalled out at 5*......:( Move it already!

Going into this thing I felt confidently self righteous, but it is truly kicking my:eek: . I am still optimistic, but I will just be happy to see it move from this repetitive retro.

Saturn goes direct at 1* on May 3, 2008 and then back peddles :mad: again at 21* on January 1, 2009:59: , direct again :eek: at 14* on May 17, 2009 and then finallllly..:cool: ...Saturn's retrograde gives Leo a visit one last time on the 29th of October 2009 thru the 7th of April 2010.

It will turn direct :60: on May 31, 2010.
Saturn will completly leave Virgo on July 21, 2010 :38: and enters Libra thereafter
for the period of 2.5 years.:34:
Johnathan Cainer says at www.cainer.com
The time between eclipses
Is there an aspect of your past that you wish you could alter? This week, in a strange way, you CAN. We're still betwixt and between a pair of eclipses. This only happens a couple of times a year for a couple of weeks at a time. Just as the 'Dark of the Moon' makes it easier to pierce the veil that hides the future from the present, the eclipse fortnight brings revelations about tomorrow... and yesterday. It allows us to rewrite history by awakening valid but buried memories. That possibility becomes even stronger now, while Mercury is stationary.


Phew! Do'nt think I can take much more of this.....Peace Love & Joy
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Shining Ray said:
I might break down.
I did during the first one. It was a major slam in my face, but I had successfully hidden from who I am so well that I had major work to do.

I was helped through that time by a very good astrologer.

But you are doing all the things you should be doing, and in my opinion you are already IN the return, since Saturn already came so close to it's natal position last December. When Saturn is direct again, it's going to sweep past that natal position so fast, it won't really last that long.

It can contact Saturn three times. You appear to be getting off lightly. ;)

I'm actually kidding. As long as you are doing everything you can to be the best person you can be, you have nothing to fear, in my opinion. :)


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I'm new to the forum and joined specifically because of my Saturn return. I feel like my life is falling apart with it in my Second House and my North node nearby.


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Thanks gaer, now that the oppressive irritation of this Saturn Return has subsided, I am rejuvinated and healed by a lesson of Temperance, Tolerance and Compassion. I am no longer exposed to my strange neighbor's phychotic behavior, he has been admitted to health facility which can give him the care he needs. The cycle ended exactly when Mars moved from Gemini into Cancer. I submitted to my lesson, he taught me without resistance and endured his subtle brutality with grace and much patience. Although I could have been kinder in thought...I too was Blessed to have an Astrologer to teach me about my up-coming tribulations just 4yrs., ago before all this began. Like you I was prepared for what was to come, and braved the storm of Saturn's Return.

Peace Love & Blessings


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Is it really all that bad? I mean my first Saturn return is September of this year, but given the nightmare that I've been through I'm not too worried. Should I be?


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Well blennus, when my first Saturn Ret came around at 29yrs. old, I didn't even know what a Saturn Ret. was. I had so much wild youth and primal vigor, I felt as though nothing could stop Me! I barely remember what I was doing back then other than partying.
What I am saying is that YOU have a head start on your second Saturn Ret., by the mere fact that you are conscious of your first Return. Meaning, you are prepareing yourself now at the begining your first....to know what to expect, how to treat others, being kind and patient with yourself is most important...NOW, so that when the second comes, you will meet it with a level of sophistocated awareness of whatever I put out in the Universe I recieve during the Returns....They mature us by forcing us to make profound changes and alter the old way of approaching life's necessary evolvoution.

Peace Love & Joy