When I'm not looking...


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I meet someone and I think it's great potential and then it crashes. :mad:

Met a guy while checking into my hotel (where he is employed) late Oct. He gave me his info but I had no intention to reach out. Two days later had an incident in the parking lot of hotel which led me to him again.

So it began. It was so so sweet, too good to be real? He is so funny so intelligent. The feeling just felt good.
He's got some insecurities about his finances...and seems irritable at times and there may be a substance over use issue. Anyway we are not local but I travel to where he is frequently because I have family that lives in the area.

Not going to lie things went fast...hot and heavy.
My last visit was Christmas. After hanging with my family I hung out with him and he took me to his friends and family which I was not prepared for nor was expected. I had a really great time though and I thought he did too...but I guess not. Because he stood me up then ghosted the next day when we had plans to hang out

Things weren't all peachy though....he's got some trauma which he disclosed to me. I'm a listener so I take it all in cause I mean I have a bit of trauma myself. There are some communication issues, sometimes lack of follow through on his part. He can be immature.

I've got Neptune square Merc. natal
I just don't know... I feel like the best choice for me is to be single. It's always too much.

Sorry I'm venting a little bit. What are the lessons I need to learn?


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Venus square Uranus in your horoscope does give you a tendency for relationships that begin and end suddenly. Chiron conjunct your 7th house cusp can give you some heartbreak when that happens.

With your north node (of the moon) in the 7th house, though, you do learn and grow from these experiences. It's fine to be "the sadder but wiser girl."

Your ex's sun-Mars opposite Neptune is conducive of substance abuse problems.

With your sun and moon in the 10th house, it looks to me like focusing on your career (as in the sense of your vocation in life) is always a good plan. Oh, and with Venus trine your first house Neptune, you do know how to look beautiful-- regardless of whether or not you feel that way about yourself.


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Hello waybread!

Thanks for your feedback on this and horary

Lol it's that Chiron :pinched:. I was going through it feeling really low for awhile.

It's just so annoying because I'll be doing my Sun/Moon 10th, living nice peaceful feeling good and then here comes some potential love? I don't date really so when I meet someone and it feels good I think its meant to be.

Lol but things don't work like that. Like you said we have our stuff to work out.

Honestly I wonder how relationships, specifically romantic work at all with all the work we have to do on ourselves...

It'd be nice to meet someone who is at least attempting the do the work, ya know?


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Just jumping back in to say I been reading a lot today about law of assumption. And I need to retract the things I said about myself and my romantic relationships.

I have to change my thinking.

Is anyone up on Neville Goddard?