When can I move to foreign lands?


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I just recently posted that my family is driving me nuts. I had been considering moving for a while, but initially I just wanted to move somewhere within my own city. Now I want to move far, far away. When will moving happen for me? I greatly appreciate any advice given :)

August 10th, 1989
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James Williams

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Hello, astrologically it certainly is understandable that recently you've been feeling a desire to move far away, but in mid-October 2016 you will be moving from a current Ketu (foreign places) sub-period to a nearly 3-year-long Venus sub-period, and Venus rules your 6th House, which is not a long-distance house.

However, the 6th House does rule disputes and conflicts, and Venus is a significator for females, so it may be wise, as you said, to look more into moving somewhere else in your own city. Not to run away from conflict, but to de-escalate and prevent likely future flare-ups with those whom you are currently living with.

Hope this is helpful.


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Ketu, Mercury and Venus are together in the fourth house in Leo. The Sun has gone to Cancer which is twelfth from the fourth. The twelfth from the Moon is Virgo and the twelfth from the ascendant is Aries. Mars has also joined the combination in the fourth house.
Currently you are in the major-period of Mercury and sub-period of Ketu till 12/Oct/2016 to be followed by the sub-period of Venus till 13/Aug/2019. A move to shift abroad is possible in these sub-periods. It may come about in the sub-period of Venus as Saturn occupies a constellation of Venus and Venus itself indicates a long journey abroad. :biggrin:


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Ah - once again Mathur I agree with you (this seems to happen a lot haha). I had a feeling it might be in the Venus antardasha.

I was wondering, do you think it is possible for a foreign move when Rahu hits my Sun? Around the end of 2017, I will be in a Rahu pryantardasha. Sun rules my 4th house, and Venus is in the nakshatra of Sun. Rahu will be hitting my Sun during the Rahu pryantardasha. I figured since Rahu always has a foreign quality about him, could this transit to my 4th house lord be the one to cause me to move to foreign lands?