What's the Weirdest/Most Unique Thing About Your Chart (and why)?


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Yeah, and he was waving and smiling, I think that doubles the benefic effects
On the contrary. According to a recently dug up rare prehistoric archaeological find dating back to 1 Billion years Post Modern BC the benefic effects are actually quadrupled - particularly if Sirius is on the MC during the holiday season :smile:


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Hey guys :smile: I'm curious, what does a space badger mean?
Also, does North Node(23'51'') sitting right on Spica (23'47'') mean anything special?


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I've got a space badger conjunct my ascendant

Thats funny LOL!!!

The only thing as far as can tell for myself is that my chart reads: Merc - Aqua - Ven - Aries - Mars - Aqua - Jup - Aries - Sat - Aqua and alas no Space Badger!!! :(


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The year I was born there were 5 eclipses. 4 while I was in-utero, the 5th 6 hours after I was born. With the first 4 the position of the Moon conjuncts (within a degree or two) in order my natal Moon, my ASC, then Venus. The fourth is my prenatal lunation, and obviously the last the Moon opposes my natal Sun. :biggrin:


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North node at 29 degrees square Part of Fortune at 29 degrees..

North Node in Aries conjunct Sun in Taurus in 9th house
Part of Fortune in Capricorn in 6th house
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