What's the reason of a suicide attempt?


My friend's goddaughter is 15 years old. Recently she took painkillers and ended up at a hospital. Godmother still can't get any info why the girl has suicidal thoughts since a good while. When she moved to her aunt's house I guess it was like getting a new life since neither her parents nor grandma ever cared. New school, new better environment.

And yet all she tells her is: I don't wanna worry you. I have some theories like maybe (hope not) rape or pregnancy. Something humiliating to the point she's too shy to confess. But my friend says she's not that kind of a girl and it's the last thing she'd suspect her of. What else would it be to hide?

So... Can I get an answer to find out the reason why she wants to die? Should I look into 12th house? Not sure If I can get any details aside from the fact I know nothing.
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