What's the best profession for me?

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Thanks waybread.

Your chart is attached.

First thing I get is Moon in Leo in the 10th, near the mid heaven. I sense you wish to be a stand out in the crowd, do your own thing, be your own boss, this a very creative and dynamic with lot of motivation and drive. You may wish to be self employed, choose a career that is creative.

Interestingly, you have Sun and Mars in Virgo in house 10. You are very conscious of your reputation, image, social standing. This is a good placement for accounting, statistician, research, analysing work, programming.

Your 6th lord is in the 10th, your 10th lord is in the 10th and your 2nd lord is in the 9th with your 1st lord in the 10th, excellent career prospects.


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Something that allows you to "perform" in front of other people. This might be teaching, being a tour guide, or making a sales presentation. Think of teaching very broadly. It might mean something like conducting a fitness class, or demonstrating "how to" do something on your own blog site.

A "blind" chart reading is hard to do, so maybe you could tell us about your education and job experience (or perhaps what you hope to do, given your age) to date.
Thank you so much! I appreciate your response!

I'm interested in so many things...

Music (performing) - Dance
Painting - sketching
Poetry - Creative Writing
Spirituality - Occult
Space Architecture
Aerospace Engineering
Futuristic Urban Design

I mean ...I haven't found a purpose concerning what I want to do. Maybe transits have triggered this scatter energy!

I'm currently thinking of going to College but I don't know what major to persue or not going at all and starting something of my own. Though, again I don't know what that is!
Any advice?


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It's an interesting list.

Each profession or activity has a planet, sign, and/or house ruler. Venus rules the fine and performing arts in a general way. Uranus rules things futuristic and astronomical. Venus rules the esthetic side of architecture as a fine art, but Saturn rules the structural nature of architecture.

It's interesting that these three planets form the points of a "grand trine" formation in your chart. A trine is a harmonious aspect of 120 degrees (more or less) and in your chart you will see three blue lines making an equilateral triangle. This is normally a pleasant, easy chart formation so it is understandable that you find the arts, architecture and futuristic matters enjoyable to pursue.

The problem is that sometimes a grand trine makes life in these areas sufficiently easy that you might not get "off the couch" to do the hard work of really achieving something in these areas.

From a practical standpoint, the fine & performing arts are highly competitive, and often don't pay well. Engineering requires mastery of some math and physics. To a lesser degree, so does architecture. Urban design might remain on the drawing board if it doesn't create livable spaces that city councils or individual people would actually pay to live in.

You have some good indicators in your chart for spirituality and the occult (9th house Jupiter, 8th house Saturn and north node (or the moon) and 12th house Venus.) But how would you see yourself making a living from these interests? As a member of the clergy?

Engineering would probably offer the best income, but aerospace might tie you to government funding. Architectural contracts are cyclical, depending upon the economy.

In reviewing your chart, I still think you'd be happiest in a profession that put you in front of an "audience" in some way-- whether you are truly on-stage or explaining and teaching things to people.

Do you think you have what it takes to make it professionally as a dancer? If you're not sure, now would be a good time to get as involved as you can in the world of dance.

This will be a little difficult with covid-19 around. Could you make a few music/dance videos for Youtube and see what happens?

Meanwhile, it's OK to take a gap year before you head off for the rest of your education.
OMG I have never understood what my grand trine meant till now! And I'll take your advice and start putting more effort in my dancing!
This was so incredibly helpful!
Thank you!