What's going wrong?

time back

noone here want to help

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Oh my gosh relax!!!

The moderators won't delete your account; it's apart of their rules.

The best thing you can do is edit all of your posts so that they explain nothing. Delete all other posts that you have made and any other information.

You'll still have an account, but it will be blank, so it will be like it won't have an account anymore.

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You can ask to get your account closed by private messaging one of the mods.

[deleted attacking comment~moderator}
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The only way to get an account closed is to pm the site owner. Good luck with that one though. If you've no wish to post here anymore, do as suggested and edit or delete your posts and just don't post anymore.



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Do you want to close your account or do you want help with your synastry questions?

I asked a couple of questions this morning, ready to help once you answered them. When I got back earlier tonight, roughly twelve hours later, you had deleted everything about it. Then this thread was started about five hours ago yet you've already assumed no one will answer it... patience.