What would be the result?


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I agree with IleneK, Moon opposition to debilitated Mercury and malefic Mars is significant and you should pay attention to it, it will tell us how the matter unfolds. This action is actually happening in your 3rd and her 3rd, so the response you may get from her will be cause for some verbal arguments perhaps.

Sun and Saturn do trine but both have no dignity and no reception, so this aspect is not as strong and may not deliver. Rx is debilitating for a planet, unless there is a reason for her to return to you, as in if she is your ex or someone you had good communication with previously, but not anymore, the retrograde may make sense to show her coming back to you, or returning to how things were before. But if Rx does not fit your situation, then it may just show her being unsure about you and backing away.

dr. farr

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In relationship charts, do you consider an applying conjunction from the Questied's significator to the Querent' s ASC a valid aspect or a positive indicator?

In the Ankara approach, first consideration would go to the "flowing" of the one significator to the other (would = + testimony) Then, secondly, the aqpplying conjunction would be considered, as secondary + testimony, however, to "count", the conjunction must be able to perfect without being impedited (if there is impediment then the testimony of the applying conjunction would not be counted)


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Dear Dr. Farr if we do consider the 3rd triplicity lord of the sign on the 4th house and its state, and it being moon let's say that instead of being VOC it is peregrine. How would the Ankara method consider it or how do you think pre-Ibn Ezra authors suggest it to be considered.


1) In the pre-Ibn Ezra horary authors (Massalah,

etc) who often used the end-of-the-matter triplicity method, VOC Moon was given very little (if any) consideration (at best it was considered a minor detriment)

2) In the Ankara method VOC Moon does not enter into any delineative consideration; yes, with the Moon flowing toward the significators, that would be considered as + testimony.

dr. farr

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If peregrine the pre-Ibn Ezra authors would consider that a - testimony re the end of the matter: however there was more than a little controversy about what exactly constituted a peregrine state in those olden times.
In Ankara horary, the peregrine state of the Moon (or of any other significator) would not be considered (just as the VOC state of the Moon would not be considered) In Ankara, the direction of flow by body is of the most importance; secondly considered would be the state of the significator by domicile, exaltation, detriment or fall,; lastly, aspectual influences would be considered; however, other considerations (like peregrine, reception, etc) which are major considerations in standard horary, do not enter into the Ankara horary delineative methodology...

There it is the dreaded Rx significators!

Did he say Lord of the Matter/SIGNIFICATORS?

Lilly's query of utilizing the 7th and 11th is appropriate here but I don't have time today to post it!:sad:


#13: A Retrograde Planet, or one in his first station, Significator in Question, denotes ill in the Question, discord and much contradiction.

Note: the 7th is RX, and the 11th(hopes & wishes)!:crying: