What would be a very good career for her?


This is my crush's chart (again). And she's been confused to what career path she should follow. She told me that Music Production interests her, but she's always second-guessing herself whether or not if it's the right career for her, it's really confusing her and I want to help her out. Could you please help me?

And also...

NOTE: I'm getting into birth charts and stuff right now, but I found out her planet positions, where they are and stuff (thanks to katy-something and Alyssa Sharpe), but I know too little about careers. If this (birth chart) helps you identify the career paths and stuff, then awesome! If not, then please tell!

NOTE #2: I found out that her Sagittarius is in midheaven, so that means everything that includes travel and stuff is good for her as a career. Idk I read that in an article. But I also get the feeling that some more stuff are included than the midheaven for her career. That might make a change?


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I think based on her MC, and Jupiter in 6th, and SN conjunct MC, I think she needs to focus on higher learning, or some kind of higher thinking (or a job involving that). It could be teaching, or otherwise. But then she has Uranus on her Asc., so she's very single-minded and driven. She needs a role in which she can call the shots, but then she also has the Moon in her 6th house, and in Cancer. This reinforces the public service role, in helping others.