what was she doing there


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Hi. This is realy, realy URGENT. Recently i saw this person, she is some sort of enemy, realy dangerous, and last time i saw her , she almost destroy my life. Now i saw her again, talking to my friends. I dont know what to think. I asked horary question what was she doing there, and i got this chart. Ascendant is in Capricion. Saturn (me)is in my 8th house in Libra in conjuction with Mercury,8th house ruler. 12th house( she is enemy, she is than my 12th house right?) is in Sagittarius, and Jupiter is in my 2th house in Pisces, on his place. This is her 3th house. Could it be that she was only in neighborhood?Or that she is stalking me, so she decide to go on a same collage as i do(because this is where i saw her) Saturn and Jupiter have no aspects, so does that mean i will not see her again?Please help:(


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