what was going on with me


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I am very interested to see what you can tell me about that day, or anything leading up to october 4th 2012

here is my chart

It has to do with family, friends, the law... and more thanks for the help!


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sorry for another post I am having trouble with the edit and wanted to upload the picture just for anyone who cares to have the details in mind!


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emotional stress, to powerion


You said:
...aries is the most hated in heaven, and seeing I have aries moon in midheaven, Ineed to know whats causing these problems of late.

The basics of Astrology are pretty simple. When you look at your chart, notice all the red lines to the :moon: (Moon, emotions). Red lines mean stress, :moon: means emotions so...stressed emotions. :moon: is in the :aries: (action, anger) part of the chart. So...stressed emotional anger. Already you get a picture of someone who very easily "stresses out", most likely over-reacts and has a "hair--trigger" temper. :moon: is in the area of the chart (house) associated with responsiblity...so this stressed emotional anger is focused on responsibility or authority. Now there is a picture of someone who has stressful emotional reactions to authority. Notice there are MANY red lines so...a LOT of stress. If this person can not find a way to calm down they are likely to run into a LOT of emotional authority issues.

On the other hand...

:jupiter: (opportunity, luck) is in the area of the chart where it works very well. People with :jupiter: here are sometimes said to have an "angel on their shoulder" and are be able to "luck out" of many difficult situations.

So there are emotional issues, but fortunately you can "luck out" of them.

Now comes something you CAN'T see in this chart. :pluto: (transformation) is going over the place where MOST of your energies are in your chart (on the right side of the chart. This is resulting in a "transformation" of these energies in which luck ISN'T enough any more...and things start to have consequences.

If you haven't already started to work on angry, emotional, authority issues...now would be a good time...


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