What type of man is for me?


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Are my expectations too high? According to my chart, what type of man would be "perfect" for me? What should I look at in a man's chart specifically, who will complement mine and we will be compatible? I've asked this previously to other astrologers-- Is there the PERFECT astrological combination to your chart--someone who matches yours perfectly? Can one discover, through astrology, the birth date of a man who is your twin soul, or soul mate?

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I guess that might work in theory, but it would be difficult to produce a such a match because of the human factor. We are not machines after all. And we are not even sure ourselves what a perfect partner would be like. We say one thing but is it really true? Also, some people are drawn to opposites while others like someone who's exactly like them in terms of personality. So you see how there is more to it than just astrology.

Just a little philosophy from me, I'm sure someone else has more to say about it from a astrological point of view.