What transits could have triggered a miscarriage?


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My friend suffered four months of a painful pregnancy to find out today that she miscarried. Im so sad! She wont even talk to me about it or let me see her. She's all by herself with three kids, no family and her husband is south of the border. Im very worried about her.

What transits could have possibly triggered her miscarriage? Will she be fine?

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Hi Starnur,

Sorry to hear about your friends miscarriage, my mother and sister have both suffered from miscarriages and both have the Moon/Mars aspect. My sister got pregnant again quickly after she lost her baby and now has a lovely little girl. And my sister is doing a lot better now.

Transits and Progressions in your friends chart:

Transiting Neptune square Sun in Scorpio 12th house

The body can feel very sensitised at the moment. The Neptune influence can feel very exhausting. This can be a time when your friend is feeling very lost, confused and obviously very vulnerable. You can lose something physical under this transit, and the Sun represents the creative process and naturally rules the 5th house of children, this may possibly symbolise the loss of her baby.

Transiting Uranus Trine Sun in Scorpio 12th

I was surprised to this transit, as I just expect squares at a time like this. This aspect may bring unexpected pregnancy, changes in the life of children, especially the oldest child may transpire at this time. The individual can project themselves in a very different manner. Drawn to people and situations which are different.

Progressed Asc just entering Capricorn at 0 degrees (critical degree) square Natal Pluto

The time when the angles - the Asc-Dsc are at 29 degrees or 0 degrees it can be a time of crisis or a turning point. The sign change ushers an end as well as a beginning. A relationship can take on a new quality. It is coloured by the new sign and leaves the old behind. The relationship and self is enetering into Capricorn/Cancer axis. When the Asc makes a square to a planet it may not mean the end of a relationship but a restructuring of some kind. With the Asc squaring Pluto at this time it can indicate destruction or transformation in nature, and obviously what your friend is now experiencing a traumatic loss.

These are not lighthearted times, situations arise that force people to call upon their psychological and physical resources, to reveal strengths and abilities that they didn't know they had in order to deal with the crisis. Phases of a life are often brought to an end and are followed by new beginnings. This is a difficult period when something has ended but the new situation has not yet developed. In women's charts, there can be an emphasis on the male principle, marriage, parenthood, life and death situations. Health can be affected. Sometimes confrontational scenes with partners.

The progressed Sun and the progressed Mars (ruler of 5th) are currently in exact square in her progressed chart

This could also show the miscarriage, as again the Sun relates to children and Mars is squaring the Sun. It could have indicated the strain her body was under through the pregnancy because the progressed Sun is travelling through the 1st house - this could show the physical discomfort. Progressed Mars conjunct the I.C The emotions are more volatile, at this time which is very understandable considering the traumatic experience your friend has experienced.

It is a very difficult time for your friend at the moment, I hope she is getting plenty of rest and time to grieve for her baby. It will take her some time to feel better. I have never experienced this so it is hard to understand how she is feeling, just keep giving her support to help her through. It must be extremely hard with her looking after 3 children at the moment by herself, maybe someone can offer to mind the children to let her rest.

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Forgot to say that transits don't trigger miscarriages, the transits just symbolize what is going on for the person at the time. I Don't want to worry anybody about transits, I had transiting Pluto square my natal Moon throughout my pregnancy and everything was fine it just symbolises the transformational changes happening to my body. You never really know what is going to happen under transits or progressions you can only understand the event afterwards. Just felt I needed to add this.


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Hi Shining Ray,

thanks for looking at her transits and progressions as well. All very pertinent aspects! I found the prog asc at a critical point square pluto pretty interesting!

Im glad to hear your sister was able to get pregnant quickly afterwards.

This was my friends first and hopefully only miscarriage. Despite her natal Moon opposite Mars she was able easily concieve three children previous to this miscarriage. She does, however, have painful pregnanices and is bed ridden for over half the term of pregnancy.

You never really know what is going to happen under transits or progressions you can only understand the event afterwards.

So true...there are just too many possibilities.


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Hi Starnur, in addition can be said that the Mars-Moon opposition in her natal chart has been triggered now by the transiting Moon conjunct her Natal Mars. Her natal Moon is ruler of the 8th, death, Mars, ruler of the child. Transiting Moon also exactly opposes natal Moon.
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Thanks Starlink!

Is there any way of identifying the cause of the miscarriage? I have to correct myself. I counted wrong. My friend was 5 months pregnant. She has no clue what went wrong. Im pretty sure she was under stress and wasnt eating properly, and that might have had some influence. But as to the exact cause the doctors are still trying to find out. BTW what are the possible ways to have a miscarriage at 5 months?


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Starnur, I discovered I made a mistake here. I thought that the chart you put up was the progressed one, not the natal and transits, so instead of progressed Moon (which I thought it was) it was the transiting Moon conjuncting natal Mars which by itself, as Shining Star wrote, does not necessarily trigger miscarriages. But I changed the words Progressed for transiting anywaysin my former post. What can be said about the Progressed Moon is, that she is also square progressed Mars, like progressed Sun and those are two very important progressions to Mars.
Sometimes confrontational scenes with partners.
like Shiny wrote.

I dont think it is possible to see the cause of the miscarriage in a chart, apart from maybe stressful situations or an accident.
Looking at that Progressed Sun square progressed Mars that could indicate she maybe got into a situation where she was hurt. Progressed Mars is in her 4th (at home), transiting Mars in the 7th (by partner or other person?)I dont particularly like the natal Saturn in her 7th in grand square with Mars, Moon and Mercury!(ruler 7th) and opposing her Ascendant and Venus. Pluto, ruler of her 12th house of secret things and selfundoing, squaring her progressed Ascendant also looks like some act of violence. I hope I am wrong, but you never know. It raises my suspicion a bit. She wont ever tell anyone if that were true and pretend all is fine etc. (Neptune exactly conjunct her Ascendant, Sun in 12). I hope I am totally wrong here and all was due to stress (maybe in connection with her husband) as you "were pretty sure that she was under stress". I have seen cases of abuse with these sort of charts unfortunately.
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Hi Starlink,

I actually thought this was a pretty stressed chart when I looked at it. Maybe she has had a harder life than most of us. I don't know, I hope she is fine and is coping well.