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Hello members,

I'm not sure where to put this thread as it has to do with my father.

He has two private pensions and he is losing a lot of money for months from one of them and his financial advisor told him to stick with it as it will go up.

It's not very good losing thousands and thousands of his pension.

It's akin to saying all that hard work and losing thousands of your hard worked money.

The question is simply what should he do? Stick, change to another private pension etc

The moon is in bad shape, however training the 8th Lord. Maybe change his private pension.

The chart:

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I have to agree with his financial advisor. We're in a bear market right now, so most funds are not performing the best. It's a matter of the economy shifting, which involves a waiting game and mental fortitude.

He will only lose money if he sells the funds in his pension(s). If he switches his funds, then he'll be selling them and lose money.

I'm using the fourth house as his significator. He's Saturn in the 5th house, the house of the stock market. With Saturn here, I see waiting and patience as the best option. Saturn likes being in Aquarius, so this seems positive to me.

I hope this helps! :joyful:


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When one joins the investment game, then his financial advisor's advice is true. Staying with what your father has in his pension fund won't restore his losses or keep him from losing more. It's just if he sells the loss will be made permanent.
As uraniapluto said "If he switches his funds, then he'll be selling them and lose money." There really is not much your father can do right now but hold tight. I remember my brother told me that you have to be able to stomach being in the market or get out of it entirely. That is what you father likely has to do right now. Stomach it.