What the hell does he want from me?


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Sorry guys, but as I mentally moved on from my soon-to-be ex-husband situation, he contacted me again today to tell me that he passed his trucking exam out of state in Florida and he was about to fly back home to California. We briefly talked and the only reason I replied having gone no contact is due to my curiosity regarding his exam, otherwise, I would not even bother to reply.

I had decided to go no contact because I felt that he says he doesn't want to live together at my place and blames me for the most primitive things you could think of as the reason behind why he doesn't want to come back to live in my place, yet he is telling me that he misses me a lot often, and today when he called from the airport to tell me that he passed his exam and was coming back, he said he loves me and can't forget me and manipulates me into going out for dinner with him tomorrow to celebrate his "passing of trucking school". in fact, he asked me "do you want to pick me up, I thought you might want to see me" LOL! I said no to him regarding picking him up and also a no to when he started bombarding my phone none stop to get a 'yes or no' answer regarding having dinner with me tomorrow. At the same time, he told me during our phone convo from his airport that he doesn't want to get back together, but acts like we're on a date the last time we meet up before his Florida trip 3 weeks ago. He confuses me all the time.

It's like his actions and words won't match up where it's his actions show that he wants me, but verbally says he doesn't want to return to my house like during our married life. We still have almost 3 months to go until our divorce is finalized! He also said "I loved Florida, so i won't even bother contacting you anymore, I'm moving there later on" but I feel like he's bluffing or saying to supposedly make me 'scared/angry' that he's going to move to a different state. I've had it with this situation now. I hope he moves the hell away now that his career is changing. I just don't understand his behavior...why would he even say he loves me and misses me and can't forget me even though we're not together...for example, if I'm broken up with someone, then I'm done, but he isn't acting like he's done and confusing me, then every time we get into major blowouts like today, I've been feeling bad the whole day.

I'm sad inside that he told me a month ago he wanted me and wanted to get back together as being married and living in my place, but then backpedaled when a few days later, I asked him "so when did u want to return?" to which he replied "I don't know. I'm not ready yet." So that was the end for me and after that answer, and the quick change of mind, I decided to forget about him. After our phone convo when I ignored his restaurant invitation tomorrow, he even started calling me cute names via text to get my attention to say yes or a no to that invitation and also sent me a emoji of a mouse with two hearts in the place of the eyes lol. I find him toxic at this point and just don't get what he wants from me and decided to immediately erect this chart after our conversation today to find out what is up with him in the head? So what does he want from me? He also keeps asking me all the time whom I'm seeing whereas I never ask him if he's seeing anyone or not. He seems very interested in my personal life all the time. He is Mars, soon to change signs into where Venus (me) is located now, but retro, and moon just passed him with a square and moving towards a square later to me.


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