What she want of me?


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This is the girl that I am confused about. What she want of me. Just friendship or considers me just like a brother? just want praise or sympahy, Love or more.

She had been hurt by the one whom she live till now as he left her for someone else.

She sent me an sms at 2:51pm and I had this question.
Now again thought of it and posting chart.


She is Jupiter which is 10th. And her love house Ruler Uranus is in 10th too. She is aware that she likes me a lot maybe changes her love and coming to me? and her love house traditional ruler is in my fifth ie love house.
Yes I like and respect her a lot, but she is not my love. But I like the way she loves :)

Your points please.


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I'd say she doesn't want anything from you in a love sense. You (Mercury) are in her (Jupiter) fall (Capricorn) and you don't receive her at all (Jupiter is in 27 Aquarius) which shows your indifference to her.

If we look to the 5th for sex, we see that her fifth is ruled by Jupiter also and your fifth is ruled by Mercury. See above for my views on that aspect of the relationship.
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Konrad so if was at say 26 degrees 15 minutes? What did it mean then?

For now I don't want to love her in the sense a boy love the girl or have sex with her.
Her self and love/sex is heightened ie in 10th. Is she "on" legally I mean, does she want to get married or what? She a good girl though, eh? Jupiter signifies morality, law...

Thanks friend,



If we look to the 5th for sex, we see that her fifth is ruled by Jupiter also and your fifth is ruled by Mercury. See above for my views on that aspect of the relationship.

the 5th doesn't rule sex, the 7th does, as well as all relationship questions. But there is no aspects between the significators nor any sharing of dignity. no involvement between you two will occur.


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Well Niplan, that's your opinion.

The 5th rules things creative and fun. I don't know how you have sex but for me, it is both very creative and very fun. If you want some refrences look to both Louis and Frawley but again, and I am labouring the point here, you are free to choose whatever you want, as am I.

Adel, Jupiter being there would make no difference. Look to the table of essential dignities to see where the planets receive each other. Here's a link if you don't have one: http://www.skyscript.co.uk/essential_dignities.html
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In my book by Anthony Louis entitled "Horary Astrology Plain and Simple", procreative sex is 8th house and sex for recreation is 5th house.


7th house Libra Venus... Which is more sexual.. what Venus does. or what the sun does... Leo traditionally rules the 5th house... if the 5th house ruled sex, then sex as general would in fact be a Leo over tone, we would **** like lions. Savage and brutal, No emotions.

also in the very humorous of the planets, Venus is hot and wet, the sun is hot and dry, wet emotions feeling love water.

the sun hot and dry, Dries things out, makes them crisp its of the earth its self and the creative life force.

furthermore; why in a book, called "christian astrology" whom, most of horary is based on, Would he make a difference between sex before marriage, and sex for fun. which is a "sin" in christanity.. oh he didn't. and that’s why he used the term "sweet hearts" as well as lovers.. why would he do that... think about it... because they are two different things.. but they are both in love right... Well two different kinds of love, love and lust.


n.1. One who loves another, especially one who feels sexual love.
2. lovers A couple in love with each other.
3. a. A paramour.
b. A sexual partner.
4. One who is fond of or devoted to something: a lover of fine food.


n.1. One who is loved.
2. Used as a familiar term of endearment.
3. Informal
a. A person regarded as generous or lovable.

b. Something cherished for its excellent qualities.
adj. Involving privileged treatment of a favored party; illegally or unethically favourable

well look at that..... who woulda thunk... a lover is someone who is a sexual partner, and a sweetheart is someone who is loved and not a sexual partner.... hrm... who coulda guessed...

The fact that sex, is a partnership, a "Giving" partnership which is Libra, the fact its emotional sometimes, Libra.. and people want it in excess... the bad side of Venus. Furthermore according to CA Lilly,

[FONT=&quot]The Fifth House.[/FONT]

By this house we judge of Children, of Ambassadors, of the state of a Woman with child, of Banquets, of Ale-houses, Taverns, Plays, Messengers or Agents for Republic; of the wealth of the Father, the Ammunition of a Town besieged; if the Woman with child shall bring forth male or female; of the health or sicknesses of his Son or Daughter that asks the Question.
It rules the Stomach, Liver, Heart, Sides and Back, and is masculine.

Of Colors, Black and White, or Honey—color, and is a Succedant house; It’s Co-significators are Leo and Venus, who doth joy in this house, in regard it’s the house of Pleasure, Delight and Merriment; it’s wholly unfortunate by Mars or Saturn, and they therein show disobedient children and untoward.

No mention of sex and lovers here... ****! lets try the right house, for once, the 7th...

[FONT=&quot]The Seventh House.[/FONT]

It gives judgment of Marriage, and describes the person inquired after, whether it be Man or Woman, all manner of Love questions, our public enemy’s; the Defendant in a Lawsuit, in War the opposing party; all quarrels, Duels, Lawsuits; in Astrology the Artist himself; in Physick the Physician; Thieves and Thefts; the person stealing, whether Man or Woman, Wives, Sweethearts; their shape, description, condition, Nobly or ignobly born: in an Annual ingresse, whether War or Peace may be expected: of Victory, who over-comes, and who worsted; Fugitives or runaways; Banished and Outlawed men.
It hath co-Significator Libra and Moon, Saturn or Mars unfortunate herein, show ill in Marriage.
Of Color, a dark Black color.

It rules the Haunches, and the Naval to the Buttocks; and is called the Angle of the West: and is Masculine.


look, i know you want to look impressive by implying how "creative" you are in sex by insinuating that it needs to be the 5th house, maybe you have some leo decency in your chart, but unfortunately your wrong.

And if you READ you can see, sex belongs to the 7th. And that's not just my "opnion"

maybe this book will help you, I don't know if you've seen it before or not.


and to the OP;
here is a better table of dignities, as well as a few other tables you might need.
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It's good to see your so passionate about it Niplan, it really is but I can't stress this enough: I am free to use whatever house I want to signify whatever I want. The original poster is free to take my interpretation and take it as gospel truth or dismiss it as tripe, it's up to them.

Again everything you have written is an opinion, yours or someone else's, and it's up to the individual to accept or dismiss that. My choice is to see where you're coming from but to disagree. Sex is a two (or more) person thing but if I was looking at someone's sex life, I would look at the 5th as it is not a specific partnership but a general view of that side of life.

One small thing, Lily's book was called Christian Astrology but I think the choice of name was more to keep him in the Church's good books than any link Horary has to the Christian faith.
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[deleted comment about "opinion" - Moderator Note: People can post whatever they like, and you can disagree or agree with it. Even when people post something you KNOW is incorrect, all you can do is to point out your sources and why you know they are incorrect. Go any further, and you risk attacking the other person.]
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[deleted personal comment - Moderator]

The first Horary book I read was Frawley and sometime later I read Anthony Louis. Both give the house of sex as 5th, I agree with their judgement.

You have given your own reasoning and some other references to back that up but can you not see there is no definite answer? Don't you think people should just use what ever they want until they see they are right or wrong for themselves (astrology in essence being an empirical study after all)?

Niplan it looks to me like we are just going to go around and around in circles here. I have given my opinion, you have given yours and now I am going to leave it for the original poster to decide what they want to do with their horary chart. If you want to continue to discuss this feel free to PM me or post it on the technique board and let everyone have their opinion.
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Well sorry Tora but I am. You don't have to follow me but I can go where I please. The beauty of this subject for me is that I can see, for certain, if I'm right or wrong. If I chose sausages to be the 4th house and my local butcher is most upset with my interpretation as I was wrong, then, and this is the beautiful part, I can go back to the chart and see where I was wrong. If it happens to be that sausages are in fact 3rd house then it's lesson learned and never forgotten.

My method is to have a basic grasp of the house meanings and apply them to everyday things and occurances in a way which makes sense to me. Of course, if I prove myself wrong, then I will re-evaluate where I stand. Quite honestl;y, it is the best way for me to learn and I am free to do it as my interpretations very rarely have anything more than ego and pride riding on them. I can afford to be wrong.
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She is probably thinking of her emotional wellbeing, attending private issues of her own. You do not seem to be attracted by her. It seems as the situation has you uncomfortable but you are probably are been reserved about that.
I agree, I do not think she is looking for anything especial from you. Shortly, she will be regaining more control over her.
Hope this help.


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here is what i think
I think there is an interest towards you due to relatively weak 1sided reception from Jupiter to Mercury by term and fall
I thnk there is an attraction but the poor girl cannot act on anything due to 2 things 1. she is peregrine YEAH it is angular 10th house but 2nd jupiter is conjuncting neptune. I think she is either very shy or she has been so hurt so many times that she cannot act out what her heart desires.
Moon does trine Venus *hmmm i am thinking a date for some bizarre reason*
Merc and Jupiter (merc being you) are both peregrine. you are not in good condition either because of sun burn
saturn in 5th house - not a good sign for a long term romance and merc ruler of you and 5th house is peregrine 8th house and combusted.
i tell you what. Ask her out for a coffee dont ask her out on a date, see what she says then go from there.
happy new year
PS. Konrad, dont take it in a wrong way but there are rules to horary. you can experiment your own but this road has been paved for almost 5 centuries.


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I think you probably wont like her in the end. You may like her now but her significator and your co-significator the moon are opposing.

Mercury is in retrograde, you are ruled by mercury. A retrograde planet could mean that you might change your mind about this girl. She may not be what you thought of her.


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Well looks like I have started a debate here :pouty:

she has been hurt many times, by the person she loves or loved, that is true. She is trying to be distant from him but I think she cannot. She maybe says and hides. Like in poetry she sends me in sms. But she says she loves me as a friend.

And this is true that I don't love her. I love her as a friend. My ethics don't let me have sex with any one. I will do that with her who is legally mine :wink:

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