What Rising Sign Has the Best looks


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In medical astrology since someone posted a picture of what body parts are ruled by signs: Astrologers stated Capricorn rules the skeletal system made up of bones and teeth...and Aquarians having the opposite planetary influences of Saturn and Uranus shared by Capricorn...have "crooked teeth", LOL. (smiling emote). I find Capricorn and Aquarius are the least concerned for looks and appearance, because Uranus gave us it's own ideas of personal beauty standards, and Saturn doesn't energize us sexually the same way Mars or Venus would, unless our natal charts have strong aspects of these planets would otherwise be contradictory.

Gemini and Cancer either rules the mouth or "sexually pleasing" voices or vocal tones. They also rule the arms and hands, symbolized by twins and crab's claws, but don't assume that means fetishes (see Scorpio and Pisces for feet). Aries and Taurus are influential over heads and faces, so it would this mean they possess the most handsome or beautiful faces? Leo and Sagittarius as fire signs are thought to have this "attractive" quality as well. And Virgo and Libra represents the womb (women), prostate (men) and hips, but I'm sure these signs can also influence arms and hands.


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In his original form, as Enki, he was associated with semen and amniotic fluid, and therefore with fertility. He was commonly represented as a half-goat, half-fish creature, from which the modern astrological figure for Capricorn is derived.

Mars in Capricorn,

Capricorn was connected the Sumerian God Enki and signified rulership in his name. Enki was responsible for fertilising the fertile crescent with his seed – water of the Euphrates and Tigris. Enki was a very virile and lusty God who fertilised they earth so that life could begin.

Capricorn was also connected to Pan whose son with Aphrodite (Venus), Priapus was renown for his erect and enormous phallus. Priapus was a minor fertility deity and the large erect Phallus represents the virility of the earthy Capricorn with its large powers of virility. Mars in this sign assumes the insatiable lust of Enki and Priapus.


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Oh yes. Scorpio Rising are so gorgeous. Well, some of them... I'm pretty sure my first love was a Leo rising, though I don't know the time.
Of course, it can also be a matter of what PLANETS are rising as well. If you looked at my face and only my face, you'd probably guess Scorpio (dark, piercing eyes, thick eyebrows) or Libra Rising (Venus rises in my chart, and people have told me many times "You're so beautiful!"), but I'm actually Capricorn Rising.
I've noticed that a lot of models, artists, musicians etc. have Venus rising. So maybe a rising planet is a clue to the vocation, too.


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Looking through the charts I have:

Scorp ASC does nothing for me. I really like and connect with Scorpio Moons though.
Fire ASC and Scorpio Moon = fireworks! :w00t:


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I thought It would interesting to discuss what rising sign you find the most Attractive

Physically and Mentally

well that assumes you know everyones rising sign who you meet and who u find most attractive which is impossible, unless ur talking about celebs and proven signs..,,in any case rising sign means nothing...attraction is a combination of a few factors


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I'm a Scorpio Moon. My first love was probably a Leo Rising. I miss him so much. He was so out there and playful and joking...but he could never be serious. But that's a topic for another thread.


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our looks have a lot to do with the ruling planet of the rising sign i.e. the chart ruler, and its aspects.

Traditionally Libra and Taurus are beautiful and if Venus is in the 1st house and well aspected. for instance For women where our Mars and Sun are and what signs is what is attractive to us and Moon and Venus for men. thankfully it is different for everyone.

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How funny! Amongst a group of love-living astrologers... when we must first love ourselves to love the world, our-self...

Of course if it is Vedic then I agree - Scorpio Rising
But if it's Western Canon then I have to say, for a guy, it is surely Sagittarius Rising. My noble thighs and cheekbones are sure signs of this! :p I think it also saved me from being short. I turned out 5'10" with the physique of the short side of the family (the other was the opposite, tall and waif like...) so that's good.

In a woman it is surely Virgo Rising :) or perhaps Sagittarius - if only because of the 'narcissist' (read: love of the world our-selves) vein and their adorable 'overgrown baby fawn' physiques :)

What I'm saying is I am Jupiter's child even if he is in my 12th house and waiting for me to get his messages still :p

Virgo Rising I have two Junos in a certain sign and they have this and are stunning. I also love the motivational character it alludes to... opposites attract, hey :)


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Leo Rising, of course. Best hair and body in the zodiac. :smile:

I personally like Virgo and Taurus Rising. Virgo has refined features and Taurus is kissed by Venus.