What Rising Sign Has the Best looks


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Happy New Year!

Scorpio of course!...lol!!:38:

as the song goes...
oh lord it's hard to be humble when your perfect in everyway. I can't wait to look in the mirror, cause i get better looking each day...to know me is to love me...i can't remember the rest of the words..

In addition i wish we had musical emotions....lol:rudy:

what's your take on this?


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Waterlilly: Happy New Year!!!
All my girlfriends before I met them and for a while.
I think Libras are normally stunners but hey not for long....as it becomes like eatting meat every day, like being married. I like variety as every sign is like a flower with special scents. Unless she the one has special powers....but not those I met ....yet...


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Libra they say traditionally...
Some Libra risings (but also other rising signs) have dimples
That's so cute...

Gem Rising is also attractive... imo


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My daughter is Libra rising and she is gorgeous.She stands out in the crowd and always recieves comments for her looks.


Debbie Klempton Smith once wrote: You need only brush up against a Scorpio Ascendant to get a buzz! Also, you might add Pluto being close to any Ascendant. Definitely, for me, the sexiest ascendant of them all. The dimpled Libran Asc.'s don't click with me. A Scorp. Asc. I can spot a mile away which all but magnetize me into stalking them.


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Please also review this past post under- General Astrology/Natal Astrology - where this subject was discussed as well:

What in someone's chart would make them generally attractive.

It also has the information your looking for.

Thanks !

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libra and taurus are ruled by venus in different ways. libra gets venus' love of beauty, need for harmony and peace, love in general, and need for relationships. libra also gets venus' materialism and sensuality as with taurus, but not as much. taurus is under venus' influence because of their love for material possessions, love for art and good taste.

so a libra ascendant would be more attractive than a taurus ascendant (no offense :D) because libra suns are also known for their beauty and also because its ruling planet, venus, gives them that certain attractiveness.


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I found this...


This is the main indicator of physical beauty(or the lack of it) in the chart. Earth rules Libra, the sign of beauty, so that Libra rising is first on the list of attractiveness. Libra rising has a beautiful face, and is well proportioned in every way. Not every Libra rising is perfect by the way -this depends on the other planets in the chart. One would think that the other two air signs, Gemeni and Aquarius, would come next in order of attractiveness, but it seems Sagittarius and Leo hold that distinction. Sagittarius has a pretty or handsome face, is usually brunette and often tall with a great body. So many models have Sagittarius rising. Leo ascendant is regal or noble looking and usually blond or light in coloring. The males bald early. Gemini is usually slender, brunette and sometines blonde, with a pretty or handsome face. Aquarius is also handsome or cute with brunette to blonde hair coloring. Finally, there is Aries ascendant which is not too tall, usually brunette, and whose features show strength and confidence. The males also bald early. The ascendant is not generally physically attractive in the earth and water signs, but there are always exceptions. Take Richard Gere and Burt Reynolds, for example, both of whom have Scorpio rising and are considered quite attractive. In such cases other factors in the chart overpower or greatly modify the Ascendant influence. In general, Earth sign ascendants tend to be short and stocky except for Capricorn which is often thin or slender looking. Water ascendants often have pretty faces but their bodies are so often obese or out of proportion, except for Scorpio who is generally stocky with a beaked or prominent nose. Of course, other powerful planets or patterns in the chart can modify these descriptions to varying degrees.

BTW, my daughter has Saggitarius as her rising sign(Libra Sun) and is going to be a knock out for sure, she has brown hair, beautiful features, and is a little taller than average for her age.;)(she's 5).
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I have too heard that libra rising has the best looks, however I have noticed that they may not look that great, but they have poise and are able to be charming...regardless of how they look, so looks wise they can be unattractive to you or me, however they have that appeal in the way they carry themselves...They do have this natural femininity, yes men too...they are on the feminine side...soft spoken, graceful, charming....
I am aquarius rising, so I am not talking about myself, however I am more attracted to a manly man...

Heart of a Scorpio

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Wouldnt that be depending on what you're attracted too?

Muscles. Eyes. Facial Structure.. A lot of hair. Bald.. etc...

But for me. I would go with Libra Rising.