what really happened to my dogs are they DEAD or alive?? :-(


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What really happened


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dr. farr

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First, before validly using horary, if one can one should use ordinary means to find out about something: could you call or visit the local animal control and see if they have a record of dogs being killed in your area? In many countries local animal control units or animal shelters keep such a record at least for a couple of weeks.
If you cannot find out, or check and get no info, then I'll delineate the current chart using my nonb-standard horary methods.
Sorry to hear about your troubles!


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I am so upset for you that someone you trusted could prove to be so untrustworthy. But I see your sixth house ruler, (typically used for pets) Saturn is well dignified in Libra in the 3rd house and your friend 10th house of public.
This is a real mystery.
I see that Mars is in an applying aspect to Saturn (saturn does not receive it), ruler of the 4th house from the 6th ...house of endings. Mars is peregrine and in Jupiters rule. Mars might imply accident as ruler of the 4th house of endings, jupiter would be traveler or legal issues....

With the moon (representing fugitives)applying to jupiter then mercury may tell us a tale. The moon has little strength first thus it will have difficulty transmitting energy.

Your friend, 11th house ruler, mercury is also quite peregrine . Mercury badly dignified can bring the worst traits of mercury to the fore thus mercury could be swindler, liar, and thief. The moon will apply to jupiter then mercury. Jupiter seems to be the key.

Jupiter rules your friends 7th house of partner, spouse, open enemy. Jupiter also rules the 10th house of public matters, things open for view, and authority. Jupiter is placed in your friends 10th house. The moon or fugitive seems to connected to jupiter retrograde.

Another key is where your dog, Saturn, lies in relation to your friend. It lies in your friends fifth house thus I wonder if he gambles or uses drugs or simply wanted something..his 2nd house is ruled by the moon and it is not strong....but we see the moon traveling again to jupiter then to mercury as if money might be coming to him.

But again, we look at applying aspects to saturn. Mars applying in jupiters house, gamblers luck, risk takers, implies some risky taking behavior. Mars peregrine again implies thieves.
You can not trust your friend to tell the truth...it is clear that someone else was involved either through gambling or other type behavior and your friend is not a good friend. You, the sun, is strong and will move to trine jupiter maybe coming to the truth.

I know this is no help in a good note but I am suspecting that your dogs are still okay as mars is not strong enough and Saturn is the strongest planet in the chart. It squares the point of death.

dr. farr

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Although using methods differing from mine, Gemini59 has (in my opinion) made an excellent delineation of this matter , and-from my analysis of the chart-I lean toward joining Gemini59 in the opinion that the dogs are still alive, and quite likely were sold for money.


Hi really sorry for wot happened.since u got the answer from astrologers i recommand u to tell police about it.canadian police r so nice .i forgot where u r but i i am sure if u r in north usa u can get her if u report to police.best regards dear.


oh u r in syria then apply fast trough police bcz ur persident has an eclips soon and he will die but before that asap apply trough police