what planet rules the parasympathic nervous system?


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Yes, it can seem overwhelming but it doesn't need to. Just take it one piece at a time, then synthesize. Take the meaning of the first body, combine it with the second body to describe the midpoint which is a place of compromise (half-way) between the two that is sensitive to being a trigger point for the two bodies in question. For example, Sun/Moon, ie the need to be in a position in which one not only feels safe, secure and nurtured but also loved, passionate and special, awareness of efforts that go in to caring for home and family. It could be feeling pride in home and family or being accepted and honored for our feelings and emotional needs. The signs and houses tell you the how and where. A planet sitting at or transiting that midpoint triggers the two. A body making a different aspect other than conjunction will also trigger but with the nature of the apsect. A square to the midpoint will challenge the Sun and Moon perhaps showing how they aren't compatable or need to take turns. Sometimes we need to shine like the Sun, other times retreate to the quiet comfort of our private space. While we may love to eat, a full stomach isn't condusive to passionate lovemaking, etc.

I have Sun in Virgo, 2nd with Moon in Scorpio,4th, midpoint at 19Libra59 in 3rd. I have no bodies in major aspect to this degree but my 4th son has his Sun there and my husband has his Sun opposite there. 19Aries-Libra just so happens to be the solstice point of my Sun so there is special emphasis there. Virgo is a hard worker, Scorpio is shared resources and intensity with Libra needing fairness and things working both ways. I have no problem working to take care of another as long as they are incapable but only for that long. When my 19 year old son was making as much as me I decided, real close to his birthday, it was time for him to pitch into the family resources. He refused and has lived at his dad's ever since. The Moon was square the midpoint that day. Since his Sun is contra-antiscion my Sun it is sort of like an opposition, although we'd always gotten along before that. With my husband his need to shine and be accepted is constantly pushing me to communicate (3rd house) my deepest desires and goes a long way toward keeping our sex life passionate and alive. Virgo can tend to be shy but Scorpio is intense emotions. He keeps that flowing in a very healthy way. We have also fluctuated perfectly according to circumstance and need in regards to bringing in the income. There have been times we did it together, literally working together, times where I had to do it alone and when he had to. The opposition brings a compromising quality.

Here's a mini course in midpoints: http://members.tripod.com/~junojuno2/mini.htm
The author uses Munkasey's approach to midpoints. I have his book and it is very good. Stick to very tight orbs for midpoints, only a degree or less.

Moon/Neptune=Pluto according to Munkasey
Moon/Neptune Sentiment and impression combine with dreaminess and illusion in a blending of similar motifs, as many qualities presently attributed to Neptune were assigned to the Moon in more ancient times. These planets symbolize carelessness and periods of neglect in your protection and
safekeeping of the people, animals, or possessions entrusted to you. You see yourself acting with deeply felt sentiment about the things you love, but others see your inner yearnings as irregular and uncertain creations from a confused and dreamy person. This combination implies an increase in
the sensitivity of your intuition, but you may lose your idea of reality in the dreams and fantasies you constantly build. Your imagination is heightened, and your ability to dream and see the future is enhanced. You may become a more sensitive person and find new ways of using mystical thinking to answer questions.
In Your Personal Life:
Thesis You have good insight into the emotions behind people’s sentiments, but find it difficult to separate your feelings from theirs; you have great feelings to nurture and care for others, and are inspired by their love.
Anti You find it difficult to separate your dreams from the events of the real world; weakened faith in others as you see their shortcomings; receptivity to the potentials of situations as opposed to the reality of people.
In Your Relationships:
Thesis You have the highest of internal and ideal love for your partner; your ability to create tender feelings for another is helped with this pairing; you have strong needs to show protection and care for others.
Anti You may not easily verify if your partner shares the feelings you have; you know that your love compensates for any neglect of your partner, but your partner has other views about how to share.
With Body or Mind:
Ulcers; a nervous stomach; reactions bought on by a sensitivity to drugs; sensitivity to pollen, dust, etc.; tiredness due to emotional strain; female problems.

Moon/Neptune with Pluto: Increased needs for revenge against those who injure or hurt you in any way; added ferment and seething to emotions which you create within your dreams for escape from reality; a need to escape from confining ways.

I would add, finding one's ideal and connection to the divine through sexuality, a need to explore the hidden meaning behind dreams, spirituality or occult subjects, to research the occult or family or genetic history, exploring the hidden motives, dependance on shared resources or charity as other possibilities. One could also be involved in non profit organizations with this one.

To find your sensitive degrees I would make of list that includes the house cusp involved (for health in general, it would be the 6th), plus the 45 degree aspect. The same with the ruler of that cusp, the natural ruler of that house, and any planets positioned in the house if applicable. For example:

0Aries cusp, all 0 Cardinal would be sensitive, look for planets there or sensitive midpoint at 0 Cardinal. These degrees are the 4th harmonic to the cusp.

0Aries+45=15 Taurus, all 15Fixed, with the above degrees, complete the 8th harmonic. Semisquare can often indicate a health issue along with an inconjunct.

Once you have this list of degrees you can look to see if any planet or midpoint is close. If the natal chart shows a potential, confirmed by 3 or so indicators, then you can look at the progressions, arcs, etc for timing and triggers. According to Noel tyl, transits and arcs of heavy planets to the 12th or its ruler can indicate the onset of health issues and it does seem to be true when backed up by other indicators. When Saturn conjoined my 12th, I injured my arm leading to loosing my job. Saturn is in 3rd opposing MC and rules 6th. I was fired when he squared himself. Mercury was really prominant too.


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There are pros and cons with each piece of software. I have both Winstar, the 12 year old version, and Kepler. I like winstar because I can easily move the chart time and see it moving with the rectify tool. I also like the simple clean chart, white background with all the degrees written. Astro.com charts are hard for me to read. Kepler has a nice option of getting all the asteroids, Winstar only has the major 4 plus Chiron. Kepler has both mean and true BML where Winstar only has true. Sometimes there can be a great difference, which is important and she can show health issues connected to repressed things. Kepler has a nice way of allowing easy classification of the charts by catagories and even a place to put notes. Winstar can take notes and catagories too, but you have to go into the database mode to add the notes and catagory rather than the option of putting it in when you create the chart. Kepler has report options also, where with Winstar you need to by the software for that. I like the map feature in Winstar better but it may just be that I understand it better.

Have you checked out the recommendations forum or posed the question there? You should be able to get comment on other software there.

Our Sun/Moon being close is probably one reason why we understand each other well even though our Sun and Moon is so different. Your Moon squares mine and so does Sun, hmmm. But even so we are connected rather that blocked in any way. Cool, huh? All the little details I did deep to find you can creatively expand. Sounds productive to me. ;)


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Thank you, glad to know you too. No, no other Jag that I know of, I was refering to your previous post about Sag Sun, Leo Moon, the two signs being square Virgo and Scorpio. Yes, the semisextile by degree makes them more harmonious too. But any two signs square to each other can learn to work together for the greatest amount growth possible, I think. With an opposition you can always compromise but with a square you have to find a more creative way for them to work together for good.

Many on the Noel Tyl forum use Solar Fire and the programmer visits there some. I believe Noel uses Winstar. You can download a trial version I think, at least with Winstar, maybe the other ones too.


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Are you sure you read this right? If so, I think the author must be mistaken. The Enteric part of the Atonomic nervous system controls the digestive functions. From Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nervous_system

The nervous system of vertebrate animals is often divided into the central nervous system (CNS) and the peripheral nervous system (PNS). The CNS consists of the brain and spinal cord. The PNS consists of all other nerves and neurons that do not lie within the CNS. The large majority of what are commonly called nerves (which are actually axonal processes of nerve cells) are considered to be PNS. The peripheral nervous system is divided into the somatic nervous system and the autonomic nervous system.

The somatic nervous system is responsible for coordinating the body's movements, and also for receiving external stimuli. It is the system that regulates activities that are under conscious control.
The autonomic nervous system is then split into the sympathetic division, parasympathetic division, and enteric division. The sympathetic nervous system responds to impending danger or stress, and is responsible for the increase of one's heartbeat and blood pressure, among other physiological changes, along with the sense of excitement one feels due to the increase of adrenaline in the system. The parasympathetic nervous system, on the other hand, is evident when a person is resting and feels relaxed, and is responsible for such things as the constriction of the pupil, the slowing of the heart, the dilation of the blood vessels, and the stimulation of the digestive and genitourinary systems. The role of the enteric nervous system is to manage every aspect of digestion, from the esophagus to the stomach, small intestine and colon cancer.

As to your last question, as I said above, the slowing down process is very much like Saturn, governing the brakes, the flight response, etc. Keeping in mind his shared rulership in the electrical sign of Aquarius and the fact that he rules the air triplicity by day along with ruling the face of the 22nd-25 degrees of Gemini, I would look here too. If you'd like to share your chart, either here or via pm or email, I'd be glad to take a look. It works right in with some of the work I've been doing and I have always had an interest in medical astrology.


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I think I was aware in the beginning of this thread it probably wasn't about your chart specifically, temporarily forgot. Yes, I agree, with these extremes more than one body will be involved. I usually see tight Mercury-Sun with hard aspects or debilities involved when I see extreme self centeredness. But some touches by Pisces can alter that a lot. Anger is clearly Mars, Pluto adds other scary things, often. I have one son I would say has an anger problem. He's my 3rd and would be represented by my Aries 9th house. My Mars is exalted, though, so I think he'll work it out. Every single planet in his chart comes back to Sun in Leo as final dispositer. That can be a sign of self centeredness, I think. And isn't that what negative kinds of anger is really about, self interests?


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If the square were from another planet it might help the person to overcome but with Neptune it may only encourage the self dillusion. I was doing a little reading on NPD and the article I read said that a trud NPD will rarely be agressively violent, only perhaps lash out in rage reactively occasionally. If this is true a NPD wouldn't be the usual serial killer. I know one person diagnosed as bipolar but the grandiosity attached to NPD fits him very well. I wonder if they get misdiagnosed. Probably. Psychiatry is such an infant science. I read that NPD shows up in adolecence or early adulthood.


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AQ Ess: Hi, thanks for the thread. I'm in the process of investigating some things and I will weigh in with what I find out. Funny, you said previously 8libra, and i have moon 12libra and sun 4libra, what's the middle number? 8. in placidus in 8th, in koch in the 9th (i prefer placidus, but that's beside the point). anyhow, found in a pet scan in the brain huntingtons chorea. and i do think neuro/brain related are uranus/mercury?