What placements and aspects in one’s natal chart can indicate stalkers?


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Mars from one person's chart hard-aspecting the other's Pluto---violent and obsessive behavior is indicated.


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Main Rulerships 12th house - matters that are hidden, secret :)

Traditionally, it is associated with persecution
all manner of affliction and self-undoing.
It has rulership over scandals generally, personal fears.
Its significations include secret, unknown enemies




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If you mean for someone to be a stalker - if they have a fallen/detr. ASC ruler in 7th house, especially Mars (fighting to win over), or Saturn (desire to control). Especially if it's Mars in Taurus or Saturn in Leo (fixed signs) - forget about it!
Add to it a Virgo/Capricorn/Aries/Scorpio Moon, especially if it's beaten.
As an extra point - Lilith conjunct ASC. You'll get a nasty stalker.

*from personal and clients' experience


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Pluto and Moon conjunction. Pluto is associated with addiction and obsession + Moon is unconscious reactions, emotions etc.


Scorpio is a sign vulgaris for love/hate relationships, the sign of extreme and intensity, they can love and hate deeply, passionately. what is the most important thing about stalking? obsessiveness. so something like venus/pluto making the person on his wishlist a strong object of desire and scorpio has fixed mindset for repeating surveillance while staying hidden. obviously that won't be enough for someone to be a stalker.. it would be a good idea to explore the psychology further


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Neptune must be very active in the chart...because by definition, stalking is a secret activity. Also the person is prone to...as someone above said...fantasy....there is an inner fantasy life...the stalker imagines an entire life. that has nothing to do with reality and puts the person being stalked into the ''story'' in one way or another.
There can be more or less innocent stalking ...all the way to felonious stalking. Usually only the perpetrator knows exactly why they are in that dynamic. It may not make any sense to anyone else..
It's very isolationist behavior.


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Perhaps any of the fixed signs have stalker energies, depending on individual planetary aspects....
fixed signs have a tendency to want to keep so it's in them to believe someone is theirs. It's in them to dismiss a change, i.e., breakup. So it's in them to watch the person they think still belongs to them.

Samantha Bean

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To determine the sense of what this is, a clear definition of stalking has not been advanced. Before the internet, you needed to go through someone’s trash to find out what they ate. Now you just go to twitter. Does googling some one’s name constitute stalking? Without a clear definition of what you mean, there is no way to determine what nuance of planet and asteroids causes it. Neptune? I don’t believe there is an arabic part of stalking! How about the arabic parts of Peril, perversion, private enemies, deceit?