What placements and aspects in one’s natal chart can indicate stalkers?


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If you mean what placements and aspects can make a native more prone to ~people stalking them: from my personal experience, Scorpio Ascendant with Pluto in the first house. I feel like it depends on synastry too: whether the stalker has conjunctions to any of the native's personal planets. Some synastry placements and aspects can really invoke obsessive vibes from people - like some sort of spell has been put on them.

Here are some links I found on this topic, whether that be natal charts that attract stalkers, or natal charts of people with obsessive tendencies that lead to stalking:

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Main Rulerships 12th house - matters that are hidden, secret :)

Traditionally, it is associated with persecution
all manner of affliction and self-undoing.
It has rulership over scandals generally, personal fears.
Its significations include secret, unknown enemies




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If you mean for someone to be a stalker - if they have a fallen/detr. ASC ruler in 7th house, especially Mars (fighting to win over), or Saturn (desire to control). Especially if it's Mars in Taurus or Saturn in Leo (fixed signs) - forget about it!
Add to it a Virgo/Capricorn/Aries/Scorpio Moon, especially if it's beaten.
As an extra point - Lilith conjunct ASC. You'll get a nasty stalker.

*from personal and clients' experience


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Pluto and Moon conjunction. Pluto is associated with addiction and obsession + Moon is unconscious reactions, emotions etc.