What makes


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Me so unlovable?

I don't get it. I've had relationships, where I don't relate to the person.

I'll catch someone's eye, someone smiles, but it's just in passing.

I'm incredibly shy so it is hard to just talk to someone.

I'm asking what aspects in my chart or placements make me so unnoticeable?

I'm about ready to become a hermit.

Born December 31, 1982
Biddeford, Maine
9:00 pm.

Any replies appreciated.


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It is a courtesy on these threads to post your chart. Go to the free charts section of Astrodienst at www.astro.com and construct your chart. Save it to your computer, then attach it here by clicking on "go advanced" and following the "manage attachments" instructions. This will give your message a clickable thumbnail for us to look at.

I doubt that you are inherently unloveable. Extreme shyness can isolate you from other people, however.


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I tried uploading the chart.


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I can see from your chart why you might be shy, but there is nothing in it that says you are congenitally unloveable.

First the shyness part.

If we start with your rising sign, it is in Virgo. I have Virgo rising also, and we can be a little critical, both of ourselves and of others, because we are fundamentally perfectionists at heart. That's not necessarily a bad thing, unless we are so hard on ourselves that we lose self-confidence. But there's nothing horrendous squaring or opposing your Ascendant, except maybe Uranus. It suggests you may have a hard time keeping your appearance the way you want to: just when you're ready to go out, for example, you find your hair won't behave or your missing a couple of buttons. You may also experience classic home-career conflicts. No Bigs.

But this is a bit hard on your moon in Leo. Leos are happy to get attention. If they get ignored or the attention is negative, a Leo moon is apt to retreat into the lion's den. Nuthin' wrong with this, but it doesn't help you get out and socialize. Your moon is in the 11th house of friends. With your moon challenged by other planets, you may feel that it is hard to make friends, yet friendship is actually very important to you.

Then your moon is involved in a big T-square with Saturn, Pluto, Venus, and Mercury. An afflicted Saturn can make us feel limited and not-good-enough, generally in the house it occupies. Your Saturn is in the 3rd house of siblings, thought, and communication. Do you often feel tongue-tied?

Moon opposite Mercury-Venus fortunately is one of the softer oppositions. You may confuse thinking (Mercury) and feeling (moon) at times, but with Jupiter sextiling your Merucry, I would guess you are very intelligent behind your "not me!" facade.

But don't be afraid to be unconventional. You aren't a cookie-cutter kind of lady. With moon trine Uranus, a nearly unaspected Mars in Aquarius (quintile Uranus), and Uranus conjunct Jupiter, you actually have a hidden rebel streak!

I would suggest you let your unconventional side out to play more often. Possibly when you were younger, you were made to feel you were supposed to fit into an accepted social norm. Now that you are an adult, you can let your inner nature out more.

With your 5th house focus, your life might revolve around recreation or leisure activities of some sort, children (a good placement for teachers), or simply self-expression.

Never forget that Leo is royalty, and the emblem of Capricorn is the mountain goat, nimbly climbing her way to the top of the peaks that other signs would find impassible. With your strong earth nature, you should benefit from time spent in your element, be it hiking in the hills, gardening, or getting involved in ceramics.

Once you find your inner core and live through it, you can let go of your shyness and be ready to take on new friends or a love interest on your own terms.

Just now transiting Pluto is conjuncting your sun. It can be pretty rough on you, but it basically is asking you to let go of your old ideas about your identity, so that a new you can emerge.
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You do have Venus ruled by Saturn,square Saturn and opposing the Moon. And maybe it's about that Cap energy with Saturn having heavy aspects.

What I noticed first was that you have an unaspected Sun and Mars! How do you deal with male energy and males in general? For example I have a rather unaspected Mars and men have had little presence/importance for me.

This is just how it was for me, but I read an unaspected planet can be hard to integrate.



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Thank you both very much for your replies.

Waybread, as far as tongue tied goes, not really so much tongue tied as it is, when I speak I want to sound intelligent. I find it much easier to write than to speak out-loud. I never know quite what to say.

Bubuza Dulce- As for male energy, I find I have a greater number of male friends than female, and my female friends tend to be older women.