what is our relationship?


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I asked what is our relationship, thinking about what kind it is, i guess if appropriate for something to happen.

Someone I don't know personally, have a connection to someone close to him personally. Possibility to meet in person this fall, but not a sure thing.

Late ascendant - nothing to be done at this time. But, jupiter and mercury separate from conjunction and won't meet again until early march, but moon applies to mercury and can transfer light to me jupiter, is how I am reading it? an event is going on around that time of the next conjunction, perhaps I could make a move then?

in aquarius, perhaps a shared humanitarian interest could facilitate connection. Jupiter is also 3rd house ruler, perhaps online communication or messages?


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Late ascendant suggests to me that you know the answer already.
Merc does separate from Jup, as you say.

But Moon/you applies to trine Merc/him, and Merc/he receives you well by dignity.
Moon also translates light between Merc and Jup.
These are all favorable indicators.

I wonder if you may not be letting yourself know something about this that you truly do know?
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thanks Ilene.

I'm not sure what I would know. I do feel pretty sure we are very psychologically compatible. I of course took the liberty of doing a synastry chart and found that we have an exact psyche/eros conjunction (within 1 degree). I've never had that with someone I was interested in, so I'm curious.

I fear nothing will come of this besides my own admiration. So I was just wondering what the chart could clarify for me.


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Since YOU are Jupiter and HE is Mercury (imo), conjunct in the 2nd house with Mercury being retrograde; (perhaps hesitancy on his part?), as mentioned already, there IS a trine to the Moon from both Jupiter-Mercury, so it appears the answer is a yes....there can/is a relationship that appears compatible, (both of these planets fall into Aquarius. = more bff friends then lovers?

Sometimes the best relationships for marriage can start off as a deep, abiding respect and friendship, until more passion arrives. The rx period for Mercury might suggest the relationship changes into a more assertive one by him after Mercury goes direct.

(I'm guessing only, as I'm not a horary expert)


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I'm feeling more and more frustrated about this connection. any clues about making something happen, or must this be from afar? my contact that knows him personally is not really developing.