What is my purpose? I'd love to know!!!!


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I'm really struggling to find "meaning" in my work. I have lots of ideas and have tried many, many things. I can't figure it out. The only thing I am certain of is that whatever it is, it must be meaningful and helpful.
Any ideas based on the natal here? Any intuitions?


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Can’t read your chart, but :
do as much as you want to do. Even little things when “chasing” bigger dreams/plans. (Thought an important lesson I learned as well.)
May read the chart later.


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Celeste, astrology is a very ancient discipline, so it doesn't always answer questions in the way we would ask them today. Life purpose does not always relate to what we do for a pay check.

The sun shows who you have to be, in order to be your authentic self.

The midheaven (MC) says something about your vocation in life, and public image.

The north node (of the moon) shows were our growth lies. We tend to stagnate if we don't develop this area of our lives.

Then we try to get a feel for the chart as a whole.

With Mercury ruling your MC, and your NN in the third house, I think you are a natural communicator. Your Capricorn sun has a primarily practical, material orientation to life. (Just a question: do you collect some type of old things, like antiques?) So you might think of how to be helpful to other people through your innate grasp of material, practical matters.

The kicker in your chart is your exact square between your sun and Uranus. The sun is your identity, and Uranus rules sudden change, so just when you think you know who you are (sun) Uranus pulls out the rug from under your feet. This is what can make it so hard to find a career that fits your sense of self like a hand-in-glove. You've also got moon opposite Uranus, which makes your feelings very changeable.

As if this weren't enough, your sun is in an intercepted sign, which reinforces the difficulties of understanding the True You.

Then you've got this Thor's hammer formation involving Mercury, Pluto, and Saturn, bisected by your Mars-Saturn opposition. This can give you an alternatve modality, where you live in this pressure cooker, just wanting to explode at people.

Different yet again is that lovely first house Venus-Jupiter-Neptune. People are apt to find you very attractive, whether you feel this way about yourself of not. (With Neptune in the first, we've got another indicator of difficulties in developing a clear sense of self.)

If you've got the Saturnine self-discipline to train all of your confusion and inner tensions, I would go for your first house ability to express unconditional love and caring to damaged people who need it the most. This may mean volunteering, or it may mean paid work. It may mean working at Walmart (metaphorically) but leaving anyone you encounter feeling a bit better about her/himself than s/he did before.

There's enough volatility in your chart and confusion about your identity that it may be hard for you to fix on that hoped-for ideal paying career.

Meanwhile, you can live a good and beneficial life, and be a blessing to others who meet you.


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What a beautiful little reading Waybread! Thank you so much.

I do understand it is nearly impossible to give a direct answer to my question!

I comprehend all that you said but I not sure about intercepted signs. Can you elaborate when you have time? No rush..

Feel free to share your chart with me too!


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An intercepted sign is one that doesn't form a house cusp at either edge. Effectively it's boxed in by the surrounding signs. This isn't an issue so much for untenanted signs (signs with no planets in them,) but planets in intercepted signs don't seem to get the traction or ability to express themselves that we would normally expect. A lot of people have planets in intercepted signs with the quadrant house systems like Placidus. An intercepted sun makes it hard to "find yourself" however.


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Thank you Waybread!
I have been reading about intercepted signs. This could be why I'm not your typical Cap, at least with money! But that could be Jupiter on my Asc and Sag on my 2nd house cusp! I like to spend and I am not a Cap with money at all..
So I agree with the concept!
Thank you for your insights..
I would like to see your chart too!


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Our of privacy concerns I don't post my true chart, but this one is very close and preserves my real chart's structure.


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