what is my Karmic Lesson ?


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Greetings to all sweet members :)

I would like to kindly ask if anyone could take a look at my birthchart and tell me about my past life and what lessons i need to learn in this life ?

thanks for you attention


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I have recast your chart as per vedic system.
Rahu in Aquarius Purvabhadra the two faced man in the 3rd house of communication. Ketu in Leo Purvaphalguni the advent of spring in the 9th house of philosophy.
"There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic nor popular but one must take it because his conscience tells him it is right"- Martin Luther King.
That sums up the essence of Purvabhadra energy. There is no time to be lazy. There is a lot of work to be done. It is one man's personal belief against the world.😃

Julia Karmic Astrology

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Hi Mirage,

Karmic Astrology attempts to show how past lives impact the current incarnation. Past life patterns and issues are brought forward. We are not a blank slate at birth; we consist of all that has gone before. In this life we have free will and we can use the energy in the way we chose. It is possible and indeed the goal, to overcome past karma, negative dynamics and to live a happy and fulfilling life.

The Sun and Moon in the same sign shows that this soul has been working on Gemini energy for many past lives and in this life the hope is to learn how to use the positive traits of the sign in a more concerted way.

A Gemini Sun is here to learn about communication and the intellect. A karmic task is to communicate the self to others. This is a sun which can take small pieces of disparate information and make intuitive leaps to come up with new truths. This is a sun with a great deal of versatility, an interest in many things, and desire to explore. This sun has strengths in the ability to communicate, and is a natural born fixer. The karmic lesson is about communication, intellect and truth. This soul must express itself, especially about things that matter most. The karmic goal is to determine your truth and speak it openly and clearly.

A Gemini Moon has past lives as a communicator, orator, fixer, salesperson, physician. This soul may have achieved high status, but not always by totally honest means. This is a sophisticated and clever moon, and must take care not to take advantage of others. This soul may have been cut off from deep emotions in past lives.

The Pisces North Node is showing a soul who has incarnated many many times and is hoping to come off the karmic wheel in this life or the next. This is a soul ready to merge with the Divine, and move into a state of grace, seeking enlightenment. This soul has brought with it huge chunks of karma from self and others, including the collective, to work out in this life. This can feel overwhelming at times, but is what the soul has chosen to do in order to make karmic progress and to help the planet evolve. This soul must have empathy but be detached at the same time, or will be sucked into the abyss. The major goal of this NN is to attain enlightenment and work its way back to the Divine.

Past lives will have involved victim/martyr/rescuer/savior/persecutor dynamics. Care must be taken to not fall into those patterns in this life. This soul must also avoid self deception and escapism.

The 3h NN placement echoes a major chart theme of communication and intellect, which will also be connected to soul purpose. Mars conjunct the NN is showing a will and determination to be used to attain soul growth. Take care to not use the will and assertion with the negative traits of Pisces, escapism and delusion.

A Pisces NN may have intuitive, psychic abilities as also shown by your ASC Neptune and Mercury/Chiron. This is the placement of a visionary and mystic.

A Virgo South Node is showing past lives as a loyal servant, administrator, steward, physician, organizer, farmer and brewer. This soul must not be in servitude during this life, and learn that service does not mean giving up the self. Boundaries are important in this life. This soul must not be overly critical or perfectionistic in this life, avoid being overly analytical and exacting. Set reasonable goals for self and others and be compassionate and kind to self. It is important to not impede the free flowing, mystical and visionary expression of North Node energy. The 6th house stellium echoes the message of the Pisces/Virgo nodal axis of service.

A 12house Uranus is a complicated placement, and this incarnation may not feel straightforward. This placement will often give strong memories of past lives via dreams or deja vu. There may be memories of cataclysmic events, revolution, etc. This soul may have links to Atlantis, the use, misuse and abuse of technology. This soul has the ability to understand vibrations, energy, and the ability to restore harmony. There may be an interest in astrology, music therapy, massage, acupuncture, etc.

A 12h Saturn is showing a connection to the NN and indicates that burdens, duties and responsibilities from past lives have been brought forward to this life. These may feel like blocks on karmic progress. But these will be a part of soul purpose in this life.
However after mid life the burdens will be lifted, karmic progress will be more apparent. Saturn, the Lord of Karma is at home in this house, and will give gifts of self-reliance, discipline, and strength.

Hope this helps.


Julia Karmic Astrology

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my dear julia, i can't thank you enough for this, i really relate to some of what you said.
thank you so much


Glad to help.

Edited to add: The above reading was a blind one, I knew nothing of your circumstances when I posted it, but then I saw your post on another thread. It does all make sense.

Hang in there, Mirage, as I say, a 12h Saturn is going to put you through your paces, but he eases up up around mid life, and gives courage, wisdom and strength. This is his home, the house of karma, he is happy there and will give gifts.

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