What is my karmic goal in this life?


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Hello to all,

Thank you for your analysis :).


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It is really good to see that mercury, the ruler of your chart, is in Gemini, where it is strong, perceptive, intelligent and adaptable. Being elevated in the 10th will bring you a rewarding career and some positive rewards and a fine reputation, with Jupiter as your benefactor. :cool:

Mercury rules your Asc and your 10th, so your wordly success will be your escape, in a positive way, from the difficulties buried in the 4th house.

Jupiter rules your 4th. And Jupiter is alongside your elevated Mercury. So even when you are shining and doing well in your work mode, your memories from early family life are always with you. Try to keep the positive ones, such as those of your father and sister, and late mother, as the ones that guide and comfort you. :innocent:

The Uranus/Saturn/Neptune conjunction in the 4th opposing the Sun/Chiron in Cancer might be the signifier of the family bullies. An opposition from 4th to 10th signifies family turmoils, divisiveness, tension. You are the scapegoat. You did nothing wrong. But don’t allow yourself to play the victim or the martyr. Don’t give them the ‘gift’ of playing that part out. Stad up for yourself or turn away with pride, not shame. You will shine in this life time. :rightful:

Your Sun is the ruler of the 12th, is conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer, in Cancer in the 10th. The Sun says to me that you needed to learn humility in the early years of this lifetime. You did not come into this lifetime to attain an easy success and outright happiness. The South Node in the 12th in Leo speaks of learning from grief, suffering, loss, despair and loneliness. You will not always have to experience that pain. But you did have a heavy dose of it as you began to mature.

Now you can grow from it as your foundation. The north node in the 6th in Aquarius shows you how to be of service to others. You become a part of a larger community and feel respected and needed.

The t-square to your Mars/Venus in Cancer/Leo in the 11th may describe an inner struggle with identity/gender/sexuality/romantic feelings/needs. Don’t ignore that part of you that needs to find love and support from intimacy. It will work itself out eventually. :whistling:


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Hi !

As per vedic chart, Ascendant conjunct Ketu is in the first house of self in Leo. Ascendant is in Leo Purvaphalguni the advent of spring and Ketu is in Leo Magha the great. Now what that may mean is that in previous lifetimes, you had strong Leo placements which gave you the power of self expression and leadership. But the downside to that may have been 'too much ego'. So too much ego with the power of expression may have meant 'bossing over others'. In previous lifetimes, you may have been a king figure in a leadership position. In this life, Rahu is in Aquarius Dhanistha the dolphin who strives for the 'benefit of all' . So to get to that, all that ego has to wiped away. Then one may learn how to express oneself in group dynamics ' for the benefit of all'. So this bullying may have struck your ego hard. Once the lesson is learnt, you could stand up to your bullies.
God bless !